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Do you need to refrigerate pumpkin pie overnight if it's already cooked?

Asked by skfinkel (13399points) November 21st, 2012

Crowded frig, so just wondering if we need to find space for the cooked pie—made with cream and milk.

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Well, I do, and I’d be a bit bothered about them if I didn’t. I put the pies in the space that the turkey came out of, because the turkey isn’t going back into the fridge before it’s been in the oven. We put it in the back of the car overnight (stuffed) to keep it chilled until roasting time. Fitting everything into a crowded refrigerator at holiday dinner time is one of the challenges I happen to enjoy meeting and overcoming.

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Yes, once it’s cooled.

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Yes, Pumpkin, Pecan, any creme pies need to be in the fridge.
. Fruit pies can stay out for a few days without an issue.

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And by the way, I have a round wire cooling rack that’s big enough to cover the (cooled) pie, resting on the edges of the crust and not touching the center. (I turn it upside down so the feet don’t dig into the pie.) It lets me stack something on top of the pie in the fridge—usually another pie. Great space saver when things are crowded.

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If you put mayonnaise in it, it does not have to be refrigerated!!!

No no wait, I am confused, you don’t put mayo in pumpkin pie! So yep I think it should be refrigerated. I don’t take chances with my delicate gut!

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(Well, that was certainly inscrutable.). I would say no since it is not refrigerated at our local pie dispensary.

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The trick that the east-coast member of my family who does the giant feasts uses are several large styrofoam coolers she has on hand and stored when not needed.

Here, we also have the outdoors at this time of year.

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I would think overnight would be fine, especially in a house up north that is cold during the night hours, but I guess refrigerator is safer. It is sort of like a custard I guess?

@Coloma Why pecan pie? Sugar, butter, and nuts. I actually did fridge the pecan pie I bought because I bought it back on Monday, but if I made it last night I would not worry about keeping it cold. They sell by date on the pie was the 24th, I bought it the 19th, out on display on a table, not in a cold area of the market.

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We never do. It tastes better at room temp and it doesn’t last long anyway.

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