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Is it safe to put stockings/tights in the dryer? How did this happen?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7072points) November 22nd, 2012

Last night I washed my dress, sweater, and stockings to wear today, and hung all 3 to dry. It’s 7am and my dress and sweater are perfectly dry, but my tights are still sopping wet.
1.) Can I put them in the dryer on low heat, or will that ruin them? They are opaque/textured/winter tights.. I don’t know if that matters.
2.) How in the world.. or why… would stockings take longer to dry than either of the heavier clothing items that I washed with them?

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Winter tights? Maybe they are a type of wool material. That could be it and it also depends on how you hung them up. If they were folded over or hanging against the other clothes for instance! If you dry them they’d probably just shrink up some.

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I just call them winter tights because they are opaque/heavier. I don’t think of sheer pantyhose as something I’d wear in cooler weather, and vice versa. I checked the tag, but it just says made in Italy.. nothing about the fabric or washing instructions.

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It makes a difference what material they’re made of. I’d put them in the dryer on low and check them after 10 minutes, then decide whether they need more time or if they look like they might shrink too much if you put them back in.

I usually put most items in the dryer to start the drying process and remove wrinkles, and then pull out the items at risk for shrinking after 10–20 minutes (depending on the garment) and let them hang-dry the rest of the way.

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I wouldn’t. They will shrink AND they will pill up and become fuzzy. Hang dry them.

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One trick I like it to roll them up in a towel, then walk on it a few steps. Kind of wring-dries them without warping them.

I love my opaque tights, and have had to speed-dry them like this more than once. ^_^

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Putting them in the dryer will definitely ruin them. Unless your dryer has a cold-air setting, in which case use that.

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I do the towel trick too, and then just squeeze them hard inside it and hang them up where they’ll get well aired (preferably warmly). That usually does it overnight.

I wouldn’t risk them in the dryer.

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