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What are you thankful for?

Asked by Celtic_One (144points) November 22nd, 2012

What things are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving in 2012?

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Obama got a second term. Seriously… I was worried for a bit. It has been a few weeks and I am still rereading message boards of when he won and dancing while listening to Bruce Springsteen.

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I am thankful for my health. It is not that good, but I got the report in time to do something about it.

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I’m most thankful that I am not a turkey.

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I am most thankful for being in love with a fantastic woman.

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I’m thankful to be out of the horrible place I was in for so long, and am thankful I am on the road to recovery—I’m grateful for each step upward.

I’m thankful my kids are happy and thriving here in the new place!

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High on my list is that I am no longer in charge of cooking the entire meal. One of life’s thrills occurred when I gave away my large, expensive, heavy Wms Sonoma roasting pan.

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@gailcalled You gave it away? Do me a favor and let me know the next time you are giving away WS hardware. I’ll take it. I’ll even come and get it.

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@josie: Will do. I just gave one of my nieces my slow cooker…

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I am thankful for the easy, no pressure holidays too.
My daughter is sick this week so we are having our dinner tomorrow or Sat.
She is staying home today.
Her boyfriend picked up some of my cranberry sauce last night to take to his families house and I am making ham instead of turkey with asparagus, white corn, herb stuffing, cranberry sauce and mashed baby red potatoes.

It’s all good, relaxed and easy, as it should be. :-)

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I’m thankful for my best friend, Austin. For the first time in my life, it seems like someone really will stick around.
He knows everything about me, and by some myricle he loves me anyways.
He was the first person (aside from my family) that I felt I could be myself around without being afraid I would lose him.

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^^^ Do you mean “miracle”?

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@gailcalled, yes I do! Haha. I could not remember how to spell it! I just gave up, after a few minutes:)

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Family, friends, both my jobs.

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I’m thankful for still having the use of my eyes and my legs. (I live with a diabetic that has effectively lost both)

Beyond that… <shrug>

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@Kropotkin Or an indigenous person.

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