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What is the shortest question ever to survive Fluther moderation?

Asked by ETpro (34425points) November 22nd, 2012

Something like “1?” probably wouldn’t survive. But what is the shortest, most succinct question ever asked, question and details included? It wouldn’t count as succinct if you asked “Why?” and then had to write a small book in question details to clarify what the question portion really meant.

And since succinct is good, I’ve written too much already. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, and Happy day-that-you-don’t-celebrate-Thanksgiving to all the rest of you Jellies.

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This one survived moderation (like they would dare), has no details, and is 7 words long. Anything shorter?

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This question has been asked 6 times, but this one has no details, and only 3 words, 10 letters.

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I am incredibly proud of this gem asked by yours truly. It’s lasted since 2009. (8 letters)

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@Blondesjon That was awesome.

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@filmfann: Your first example, being the very first Question on Fluther, pre-dated moderation by a long shot.

Response moderated
Response moderated
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[mod says] No giving away state secrets, please. :)

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@augustlan— Oooops! Didn’t realize that one was a secret.
But I think this is the first time I’ve been modded, and I’m honored that it was by you ;-)

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Hehe. I knew this would draw the mod’s interest.

I noted that there was a 3-letter question, Why? but it doesn’t count because the details rival the Great Books of the Western World in length. I’ll test the waters with that without all the blather, just for the halibut.

@filmfann Asked 6 times and still unanswered. Forget trying that again. But it may win the brevity prize.

@Blondesjon Your pride is very justified. It’s short and sweet and oh so neat. Just gave you a GQ on it.

@hearkat Good point. But it was a neat question and got some fascinating answers.

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@zensky Nice entry if just the question counted, But the OP asked that question details be included as well. Oh, and straight metrosexual for sure. Lots of ladies love metrosexuals, you lucky dog.

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Your “Why” question is not only the shortest question but also the smallest possible number of letters.

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@augustlan Ha! Could I have gotten away with a   as the question details? I maintain my “Why?” made your “How?” acceptable with nothing more than a Peace Sign for the question details. No need to offer, though. I’ll take partial credit while congratulating you on the shortest question ever.

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I win.

Unless @Augustlan has something else in mind.

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^ Actually, I ended up self-moderating that question. I feel like I asked it too late to fit in with the craze.

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