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Do you know of anybody who, this Thanksgiving, didn't do anything Thanksgiving-ish at all?

Asked by jca (35968points) November 23rd, 2012

Do you know anybody who, on Thanksgiving, didn’t do anything at all Thanksgiving-ish? Didn’t go somewhere special (family, friends, restaurant, cook at home)? Someone who sat home alone and/or didn’t partake in a ceremonious day?

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Yes, my baby sister and her husband.

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I’d say the Black Friday fanatics who camped out on the sidewalk in front of Wal Mart starting last Monday, didn’t do anything consistent with Thanksgiving.

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Last year, my sister (who has traditionally been the Pearl Mesta of our extended family) and her husband did a three-day Thanksgiving for 24 of us. It was beyond heroic…this is a good example of the tone of the meals.

This year she and my bro-in-law stayed home. She worked on her paintings in prep for a showing in an upper east side NYC art gallery, they went for a walk, ate lentil soup and salad and watched a DVD. When I talked to her, she said that it was a perfect day.

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I do. A fellow jelly stayed home by himself and had leftover KFC for dinner. He says he likes it that way.

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I’m the KFC dude augustlan knows. It was KFC leftovers too. Four chicken strips and two biscuits. I had the option of a full dinner but declined for reasons to complicated to get into.

So I had some KFC and did what I do everyday and didn’t really care.

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Yes, a good friend of mine had no plans for Thanksgiving. He lives on the other side of the country, or I’d have certainly invited him to join us.

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Well I ate a bowl of mashed potatoes and watched Thanksgiving specials on television. It wasn’t too special but it felt Thanksgivingish to me.

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I’m someone who wishes I didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving. On one hand I get to see family I haven’t seen for most of the year, on the other there is ALWAYS some sort of huge fight or drama bs going on. I seriously think I’m just abstaining from the whole ordeal next year.

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@uberbatman: Oooh…details, please. I love Thanksgiving drama…there is a book of essays waiting to be written there if anyone has the energy.

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Yeah, everybody I know didn’t.

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@gailcalled Half the family is rich and Republican, the other half is neither. That alone led to its fair share of drunken disagreements.

Then there was the usual sibling rivalry bs that is still, for some reason, going on even though everyone is 45+. Who owes who money? Who’s house is nicer? Who got more attention as a child? Blah blah no one cares blah

For as long as I could remember Thanksgiving has always been at my uncle’s house. Well this year my aunt wanted it at her house since she never gets to have it. More fights.

Just drama lol.

My usual game plan is to drink a ton of eggnog, eat a ton of food and then pass out on a couch while everyone fights with each other but it just wasn’t in my cards this time around.

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I graded papers all day, then had a bowl of mac and cheese for dinner. Then I went to my favorite bar. I was very grateful that they were open that night! There was a nice crew of Thanksgiving escapees there. My favorite bartenders were there, and he was very nice and we talked about what we were thankful for. He played great music and made strong drinks and I tipped him handsomely :)

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Yes, my daughter who was down with a bad virus. She stayed home all day while her boyfriend went to his families. We are doing our Thanksgiving here tonight.
I am very flexible with the holiday scene and can take it or leave without any emotionality.

I don’t get all upset if plans change or we celebrate on different days.
Xmas here this year will be on the 26th. which is also my B-day.
I am super easy going and flexible as the younger people are in that life phase of having to juggle multiple holiday obligations with multiple family members.

I don’t miss those days at all! Nothing but a giant PITA!

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@johnpowell I would have guessed it was you that Auggie was referring to before reading your answer.

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Me. I have decided I am no longer celebrating the holiday. My mother died a few days before T-day so I always get a little depressed. Then I have to make conversation with people I would never know if they weren’t family, sit through the uncomfortable prayer and then try to find something I’d actually eat without seeming ungrateful.

And really, it’s such a stupid holiday. It’s origins and traditions are a just a bunch of lies.

I’ll continue to stay away from the Turkey holocaust and wait for Giftmas.

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My dad lives alone and has not remarried. Usually he goes to my uncles for Thanksgiving, guess he just decided to hang out and not get all hyped up over a meal this year. He seemed to be okay with it. One of my brothers was in the area for Thanksgiving, but he volunteered at a church with my mom for most of the day but I think they got to hang out later, so I guess it wasn’t totally a Thanksgivingless day. Also one of the guys I work with did absolutely nothing and was also alone.

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A co-worker spent the day watching TV. She says her deceased sister was the one to plan and host the holiday festivities and since her death she no longer enjoys the season.

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I’m several states away from home and from my family and my friends were working all day, so I didn’t do anything remotely Thanksgiving-ish (no turkey for me this year). And on top of that I went and got my ankle sprained at the gym and have been semi-bed-ridden since Thursday. But it was still a good day :)

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I just talked to another jelly who hung out in bed watching Netflix all day on Thanksgiving. He seemed to enjoy it. :)

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