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Can you reveal the incredible Black Friday deals you got this year?

Asked by jca (35976points) November 23rd, 2012

I saw a few people posting on FB about the incredible Black Friday deals they got. How much of the “deals” were inflated prices, then reduced, I’m not sure.

I have a personal policy not to go near any store or mall on Black Friday. I have in the past, but only in the evening when all the morning frenzy has died down.

However, I am curious what others have gotten as far as deals go. What Black Friday deals did you get?

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I had an extremely relaxing day at home. Best deal of all.

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I had a free walk out doors around the local reservoir.

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It’s one day of the year that I’m guaranteed not to leave the house. So my great deal was a completely free meal consisting of yesterday’s leftovers, on a nuke-as-you-go basis. Just as good, and stress-free.

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Free Fluther all day! Yay caesefire!

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Pretty much what everyone else said. I slept in and relaxed. I went out later on to the PX ended up getting some nice workout headphones for half off, were 90 bucks originally.

Also got a coupon for 20 bucks off purchase of 100 dollars or more which is good for Saturday only. Not really interested in anything else though….. Likely just stash most of my cash like I have been doing though.

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I was so thrifty, I spent nothing at all!

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Stayed indoors the whole day. The best deals come after the holidays.

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Spent half the day at the vet with my dog getting emergency surgery. She had a dew claw that split all the way up. :
She was fixed up so that was my Black Friday deal.

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I got a plastic toaster in exchange for $3, a black eye and some broken ribs! Well worth it.~

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I stayed under the covers and watched a half dozen episodes of the X-Files.

Today, Saturday, is my shopping day. I wonder how much the new pair of shoes I plan to get will cost.

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I too never go out on Black Friday, so, my great deal was staying home, basking around the zone with the critters and enjoying a Happy Brownie Friday. I did end up in circus of Walmart land, briefly, on Tues. afternoon and THAT took care of any desire to be shopping for another few weeks at least. lol

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My Grandson says his girlfriend got a 40 inch TV for $200, but I didn’t see the receipt, so it could mean anything up to $299 for all I know, and he was rounding off.

He insists she isn’t his girlfriend although they have been seeing each other for at least five years, and she has been at our Thanksgiving dinner for two years. AND she gave him the TV.

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I’m still alive and not horribly injured by rabid people swarming to get deals. But then again, I’m in the country next-door and we don’t do Black Friday sales.

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Like the posters above we (my kids, hubby and mom & her husband) avoided the Black Friday mobs.
I did end up buying something however..because we wandered around a small local antique store after going to a local cake shop for a sweet treat during our afternoon walk and I happened across an early 1900s wooden box/sewing kit that was in such beautiful condition. I bought it right away to send to my best friend for her upcoming birthday..because while I didn’t want to partake in mass consumerism or Black Friday sales..I knew it was a perfect gift for my friend.
The beautiful wooden box alone was worth more than the $34 price..and it has all the sharps, the antique sewing scissors (in good working condition!), the thimble, an ancient measuring’s just gorgeous.

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Like everyone before me, I stayed in on Black Friday, but unlike most of them, I scoured the internet for the best Black Friday deals at would come to me!

I got and ASUS Transformer Prime 32gb for $272 (list: $499)!!! (pretty stoked about that)
Also picked up an Onkyo TX-NR414 reciever for $185 (list: $499)!!!

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@YARNLADY I got that same TV. $198 at Walmart. The only reason I go at all is big ticket items are more regulated. If you get there in time to get a ticket, you will get the item. They released them at 10pm Thursday and I was home by midnight.

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@Supacase That is a very good deal. It’s probably the one they got.

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I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 for $179.00. All year long the regular price was $250.00 so that’s a good solid 70 bucks saved.

However, I let my fingers do the walking and dialed up Best Buy online and it’s coming in the mail cuz they include free shipping for their BF deals.


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That reminds me, would not all the chaos and huge crowds be an ideal cover for shoplifting?
I mean, that has got to be one of the best ways to save money.

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Very few people actually answered the question. The topic I believe is shopping, not stay home, relax, or avoid crowds. Is this not general? Point is 20 answers, very little info on shopping. I checked the question for shopping tips/info…really.

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@ragingloli Yes, shoplifting is fairly rampant on Black Friday. This is one reason the sales are pushed so hard: they have to make the shrink worthwhile.

@Yeahright The question asked about deals. It just turns out that many of the answerers calculate value differently than you might have expected.

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@Yeahright It turned out my biggest bargain was to stay home and spend nothing. I get most of my bargains from and my local charity stores, or watching for great advertised prices through the year. Sometimes stores have unadvertised prices on close out products and they are really good.

A question about shopping tips would look like this: What shopping tips can you give me to get great bargains, especially Black Friday?

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Disclaimer: my previous entry and this one are just comments, not aimed at anyone or intended to make an issue of any of the answers.

However, rephrase it as you may. Interpret the question as you may. It literally stated “deals” as in bargains. Also, However, I am curious what others have gotten as far as deals go. What Black Friday deals did you get? Get as in obtain/acquire a possession.

@YARNLADY thanks for the link. By tips I actually meant info on links and deals.

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@Yeahright Is that so?

“Very few people actually answered the question.”
“My previous entry [is not] intended to make an issue of any of the answers.”


I don’t deny that we may be scooching the jelly a little here (a Fluther idiom for when you play around with the premise of a question), but I don’t see the responses as not answering the question. They invite us all to reconsider what is really of value, and thus what a deal is.

@jca One thing I meant to address but didn’t before is your question about the extent to which some of the sales may be reductions from inflated prices. In most cases, the loss leaders used to advertise Black Friday are old stock that the store wants to get rid of as quickly as possible.

Products are counted as a loss in a company’s accounting books until they’re sold, yet they’re also counted as an asset for tax purposes until they’re sold. This makes them a double liability. Black Friday is an opportunity to clear out warehouses, so there’s little incentive to raise prices in early November just to reduce them in the hopes of creating an illusion of bargains.

This isn’t to say such things are never done. JCPenney used to do it all the time until they were repeatedly called out on it. Especially in the internet age, however, the inevitable bad press just isn’t worth it.

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I stick to my guns though. This is not a philosophical question on what a real deal is in life, in terms of relaxation and/or fulfillment of your spirit, mind, or soul. The question is about deals in terms of money.

Of course, we can always ask the OP to request this question be moved to social, in which case we can discuss the great value of relaxation and how it qualifies as the best deal in life as regarded by, say, the Tibetan Monks.

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[mod says] Please take the discussion regarding what the question means to PMs. Thanks!

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My boss was just telling me about getting a six foot, pre-lit Christmas tree at Target for $30 and other deals like that. She did the “Thanksgiving-Black Friday marathon” thing where she stayed up all night and went from store to store, getting bargains. I never had the energy or the need to do that. I did buy a 40 inch Samsung at Costco, but it wasn’t a black Friday deal, it was a good deal, but not specifically for black Friday.

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