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Why do I have bad circulation?

Asked by hottybootyboy69 (15points) November 23rd, 2012

I dislocated my right little finger when I was 16 (I am now 19), and ever since then my little finger has always been freezing cold compared to my other fingers, even my little finger on my left hand. I find it hard to move quickly, like if I were to try and clap one handed, my bad finger moves a lot slower than any of my other fingers, again including my little finger on my left hand. Is my hand broken forever :(

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There might be some exercises you can do to strengthen it and build up blood vessels. We can grow new blood vessels, so if you exercise it the movement might get better and the blood flow. Maybe things like squeezing to increase the strength in your grip? I don’t know much about physical therapy. Tell your doctor and maybe he will refer you for a couple sessions of physical therapy so you can learn exercises or be told what to buy so you can do proper exercises.

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dude. i miss my little finger. i’ll try that

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I am not a medical doctor but I concur with the first answer above. I would like to add that you will likely achieve your goal but only if your are willing to put in the effort. Be prepared to make the exercises that you get from the physical therapy techs part of your daily routine. Like many things in life, consistency is a key factor in success. Also be prepare to keep up this routine for a long as it takes to get the results that you want. It may take a long time but you can do it. Good luck!

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And doing it now is way better than waiting. These are the sorts of injuries that are irritating when your young but hurt like hell when your old. Especially if you neglect them.

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Clap one-handed? How does one do that?

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I broke and dislocated my pinky and did my PT religiously. This video doesn’t show PT, but it does show the curling motion of the fingers that is part of PT for broken fingers. I was made to do this curling motion while holding a pencil (at first she taped it to increase the diameter and then, over time, she removed layers of tape so I was rolling a progressively smaller cylinder as I curled my fingers).

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