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Are you in love?

Asked by Shippy (9873points) November 24th, 2012

What does it feel like?

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My interpretation/understanding of “love” has never seemed to match up with the more popular sense of what love is.
It just feels like a strong bond. It’s the same thing that I feel for my father or my sisters or my dog. The only difference is that there is also lust in the equation, so we occasionally have sex – which is the only thing that really sets it apart from the types of relationships that I listed above. The actual feeling is the same, though. At least that is how it has always been for me, though I know plenty of people will argue that it’s different and magical and special in some way (not discounting that experience, just isn’t true in my case.)

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Of course I am… it feels great.

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Yes I am and I am lucky enough to be in love with a wonderful woman. I think for me it is the first time that I have been and I see that where I thought I maybe was before with somebody else was just not the same as this. I now feel the whole range of emotions from happy to see them to sad when not seeing them, but also a safe feeling with them.

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Yes. It feels like home.

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What @cookieman said ^^ :)

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It’s very hard to describe…I’m pretty sure that’s why kissing was invented. When I try to express my love to her directly, words fail.

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I am in love. For me it feels like it is almost too much to hold. I feel like it bubbles up and flows out of me and the incredible intense love I feel for my husband enhances the love I feel for my kids and step-kids. This might sound kind of starry eyed and maybe a little silly, but all of the love songs I used to think were cheesy make perfect sense to me now. I honestly don’t feel like I am able to communicate the depth of my love for him, as @Tachys says, words just aren’t enough. I just love to be near him and as long as we are together, all is right with the world.

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When I’m in love, I’m always thinking about her. I’m having conversations with her when she’s not there. My whole life seems to revolve around her—not that I change what I do; but that it is all in reference to my love. She gives my life a reference point. An anchor. That anchor provides meaning that doesn’t exist when I am lost and referenceless.

So everything I do is about her in a way, because of our relationship. She helps me make sense of my life. I need to pour all my energy into her. All of it. Mental, spiritual, physical, sexual. I think that can be a little much, though. So I imagine if one love is one anchor, then I am swinging around and around her, and it’s a bit wild. I wonder if I had another anchor, perhaps I might feel like I would be a lot more stable and there wouldn’t be too much energy for one person.

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Yes. I share a deeply devoted admiration with a wonderful man. Our relationship is unlike any of my previous attempts. There are no expectations or control issues. We are able to be who we are – unfiltered, as if we were alone – yet accepted and loved unconditionally. It is far better than anything I’d ever imagined.

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@wundayatta I’m always thinking about her. I’m having conversation with her when she’s not there. I totally understand that feeling. Whenever I am doing anything I want to share it with him, I find myself wanting to tell him every little thing and share it all with him. I find myself speaking to him when he isn’t around just because I want him to share every second of my existence. @hearkat, that is another thing, my relationship and this kind of love is far beyond anything I ever thought possible. (Wow, I am starting to sound like a Harlequin romance here!)

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Yes. God it feels good.

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Not at the moment. It’s been quite awhile, actually, but I still remember what it feels like. It feels like you’ve found a missing part of your life’s puzzle, one that you didn’t even know was missing until you found it.

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Yes, @Shippy. I hope mine is not the toxic kind, but it is probably hopeless. I’m in love with a guy across the sea who doesn’t have a very good track record with love. Haven’t experienced unrequited love like this since I was 14. Good thing I’m a masochist.

Yeah, I know what @wundayatta is saying about wanting to have a constant conversation. In a book by Douglas Coupland (I think Postcards from the Dead but I’m not sure) he talks about how everyone needs someone to narrate the story of their life to, to send ‘postcards’ to.

The old friend I reconnected with this summer… I feel like we could have endless conversations, that the three times we hung out were barely scraping the surface. I want to know more of his mind and his soul (although, godless Frenchman that he is, he probably doesn’t think that he has one…) I feel like being in love makes you reconfigure your reality full of symbols. Everything reminds me of him—the French art history class I’m taking, the French poetry I read for comfort, songs into which I have invested meaning about him, inside gay jokes in Monty Python that he couldn’t even understand because he speaks English like a Spanish cow…And like a hopelessly in love 14 year old, I remonstrate myself for everything I say to him, because I am probably being stupid or overbearing or have embarrassed myself somehow…

I might never be in a relationship with him (doesn’t keep me from hoping in a vague way… I will be in France for a year next year, and so who knows), but I feel that I will always love him and be thankful for all he has given me, and how he has accepted me. Last night, I had a great conversation with my very first girlfriend, who saved me from myself when I was deeply depressed and thought I was unloveable, and I realized that I will always love her as well.

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I’m in love with myself, it’s beautiful.

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I like to think I am. I’m not sure that I know what love is. Looking back, I can pinpoint where it happened.
This thread has a lot of great answers on the subject.

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I love a handful of people very much but I’m not in love. The wonderfully bubbly and giddy sense of being in love isn’t there any more, but the wonder of caring deeply will sustain me for the rest of my life.

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It feels….so hard to express I often just use grunts? Like joy is eating at my brain and it feels fantastic? That’s my best attempt at describing .

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I love being in love. I feel like it changed me. I don’t think I have been in love for a very very long time. Not real like this. I feel safer, I feel loved, I know I am loved. It’s the best feeling ever.

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If I’m attracted to someone and interested in them, it’s like a match flaring. When I find true love and it’s returned, it’s like a nuke going off. I think @Ayesha described it best. God it feels good.

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It feels warm and it smells good. It’s my bastion of calm. And also, it’s very cosy and reassuring, and I really, really want to keep it!

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Yes. It feels like I don’t want to be away from him ever.

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