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I had a sexual dream, what does it mean?

Asked by dimitri685 (74points) November 24th, 2012

I had a sexual dream last night. In this dream I had sex with two of my female friends. One of them is (different from real names) Sarah and the other is Elisa. In my dream I had sex with Sarah first and it was in a place which resembled a brothel. She says that she loves me and I said I love her back. In another part of the dream. I was playing a game with Elisa and during the game, I was forced to have sex with her. After I did it with her, I cried because I’m ashamed of taking her virginity and she said it was ok. Does anyone know what this dream means?

More Information:
-I like Sarah more than Elisa but I like Elisa as well
-Sarah is my best friend

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It means you need to get laid…..?

In all honesty, it doesn’t really mean anything, dreams are just dreams, nothing more, nothing less.

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That reminds me of the dream I had where I had sex with my sister.

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Lmfao….Only on the Internet….lol.

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Im talking about dream symbolism here

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Unless you’re a closet lesbian, it doesn’t mean anything.
It’s probably something you’ve seen at some point in your life, (not seen exactly, just bits and pieces your mind has put together). Your mind was bored.

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According to Dream Moods Dictionary:

“To dream about sex refers to the integration and merging of contrasting aspects of yourself. It represents psychological completion. You need to be more receptive and incorporate aspects of your dream sex partner into your own character. Consider the nature of the love-making. Was it passionate? Was it slow? Was it wild? The sex act parallels aspects of yourself that you wish to express.”

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If you really want to know, go to psychoanalysis. Dreams are meaningful, but highly idiosyncratic, which is why those dream symbolism books are a bunch of hokum. To really find out their meaning it is usually necessary to tell it to another person who knows you well, and then together the two of you would interpret the dream’s significance.

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Dreams are symply the brain’s way of processing the information in it. You have information about your friends, and information about sex, and the dream randomly puts them together. It means nothing more than “you are thinking about your friends and you are thinking about sex”. Dream symbolism means nothing.

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It means you are really lucky. It is wonderful to have dream sex. Especially if you actually orgasm.

It sounds like you are young. This happens most often when people are young and you should be grateful every time it does happen. It’s not going to happen that often as you get older.

As for its meaning—it means nothing about Sarah and Elisa. They had nothing to do with it. It means that in your own mind, you are thinking about sex. But then, you knew that already.

I’m sorry. No good news. I remember when I used to have dream sex with girls I liked and I always wondered if it meant they liked me. Alas, it didn’t. However, if you like these girls, there is nothing to stop you from pursuing them in real life. Except if they say no. But if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. So ask. I mean, ask them for a date, not for sex. That comes later, if things go well.

Of course, you could go up to them and say, “I dreampt we were fucking like bunnies. Wanna have sex?” You can imagine how well that will go over. Although, I’m sure, in a certain number of cases, the women do say yes. But not all that many to make it worth the risk.

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It means you are a virgin looking for some sexy sex, but it’s just all too much for you. The whole idea makes you feel guilty. (If you use the symbols or “characters” in your dream, they are all a part of you”

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@dimitri685 Consider yourself greatly blessed. It means you got laid twice in a single night yet you will have no real-world negative consequences from the two trysts. At my age, getting laid twice in one night is something that never happens, not even in my dreams. ◕‿◕

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Then why would you be worried about having this dream? now, if you were a teenage boy and NOT having sex dreams, then I would be seriously concerned.

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Ah @cheebdragon. You could only think that if you had never been a boy. You have no idea all the things that boys worry about.

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I think it’s about a decision in life. Most likely a life changing one. Could be that you feel guilty about something, could be that you are pondering faith. Usually a sex dream has nothing to do with the actual act but is just your imagination playing the process of emotions out in basic forms that it understands.
Guilt=you feeling bad for something. Fear=Freddy chasing me..I used to have that dream all the damn time, frackin Freddy!

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