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What are your thoughts on Julian Assange, his work with Wikileaks and its association with Anonymous, and the events surrounding Assange's asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London?

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Crazy hero, but still a thief of private documents.

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A misguided narcissist, who could have done much for the betterment of the world but whose ego got in the way.

He would have had plenty of support working through established media such as the NY Times, but instead he needed to take all the glory in for himself.

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He bores me. He is a self-centered man who has made himself out to be a hero. He is not.

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Rapist using politics to avoid justice.

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Wikileaks itself is a valuable organisation, Assange himself is a narcissist.

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A complicated man—probably more complicated than we can know. People may throw around words like “narcissist,” perhaps because he has sexual desires that are out of the ordinary, but will we ever know what goes on inside him? I doubt it.

People are often driven to do great things. They also are driven to take pleasure where they must find it. The two probably seem like different people entirely, and the more one is anti-social, the greater things one must do to make up for it.

Once caught, one defends oneself to the nth degree. No one else will do that. And so he has done things that help the world become more transparent. He has unveiled many dark secrets, which helps the world. He has also done some bad things, perhaps. Or else he is being framed by some of the enemies he has made. I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t really care. Life will go on.

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My calling him a narcissist has nothing to do with his sexual desires. It relates to my impression from the speeches and other public appearances he has made. I have no idea if his sexual desires are ordinary or not.

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My calling him a narcissist is also from hearing him speak and reading what he has written. He places himself well above whatever “cause” is his current focus.

As to the sexual charges against him, those are way overblown and are definitely trumped up.

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He is an ego maniac who was so engrossed in having his 15 minutes of fame, his common sense (if he ever had any) fell by the wayside. What good has come from his revelations?

He is periodically on the news here, whining about something or other. The last I heard he was going to sue Julia Guillard, the Prime Minister of Australia, because she is not doing enough to protect him. I never understood why citizens of one country go to another, break the law and then want their country of origin to save them.

Cyber terrorist, crazy man.

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Tough call because wikileaks IS heroic. It’s difficult to make the argument that WikiLeaks would be here without Assange.

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