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What should I buy to go skiing?

Asked by mistic84 (254points) November 24th, 2012

It is my first time skiing. I already have a helmet, ski suit and googles. I need advice on what brand of base layers to buy, what shoes to bring and whatever else you think I need to know.

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You can rent the hardware that you need: skis, boots and poles. So if you have goggles, a helmet and outer clothing, then all you need are socks, thermal underwear (whatever is comfortable should be fine for your first time) and gloves (or mittens).

And when you have that, then all you need are some comfortable boots or outdoor shoes to wear to and from the lodge.

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Put one or two Capri Suns in your pocket. They’re an easy way to hydrate on the lift.

Similarly, bring something to tide you over food-wise.

Also, unless you have super stamina, you may as well break for lunch. It helps to get a little rest. And plan on the possibility of calling it a day before the day is officially over. Mountains get icy in the late afternoon, and legs get tired. It’s just less fun.

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Thanks for the info! Any suggestions on brands?

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I wouldn’t spend a lot of money until you decide you really love the sport. Or buy things that you can wear for other endeavors as well.

Are you required to wear a helmet to ski? I would hate that! It’s bad enough on the bike and motor scooter. I think it should be a law that kids at skate parks have to wear them. They need them more than I do!

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Sunscreen for your face. You can still get a sunburn in the winter. And don’t forget lipbalm. Your lips may get chapped.

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You need three layers for skiing thermal underwear, go for silk, you want to wick moisture away, a mid layer to keep you warm fleece is good wool is great, and a breathable waterproof outerlayer.

As to brands and looking good or like you belong. Confidence and fun is much more important and appealing, obviously you aren’t goin to know all the techniques going in just have fun and be willing to laugh at yourself and learn. If you like it you will develop a method or reason for looking for particular styling and blends etc.

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For base layers, just stay away from cotton – it will not keep you warm when it gets wet, and it dries slowly. I recommend Smartwool Next-to-skin Medium 250 tops and bottoms. Very comfy and flatteringly form-fitting.

This is my favorite gear site, and where I got the tip about Smartwool from.

Oh, also buy a little jar of Cat Crap – great for keeping your eye protection from fogging up.

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Where are you going skiing? That makes a diff.

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The important thing is to have the layer next to your skin wick moisture away and the outer layer be waterproof to keep the inside layers dry. How much you wear between those two layers is dependent on how much you like the cold. I like the cold and sweat easily, so I often skip middle layers or go for very light layers while most of the people I know prefer to stay warmer and go for fleece layers. Brands don’t matter so much as the clothing doing what you need it to do.

If it’s your first time out and you are planning on trying more than just the bunny hill, bring ibuprofen. Chances are you will use muscles you rarely use, and you will feel it at the end of the day.

@rooeytoo It’s usually not required to wear a helmet, but I still think it’s a good idea. I wear one when I go, and while my friends like making fun of me for it, I point out that I went headfirst into a tree once, and I want to be protected if it ever happens again. I was extremely lucky I didn’t hurt myself much worse than I did when it happened and would rather not chance a serious if not fatal injury just to feed my ego.

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I’m going to Breckenridge, CO.

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Thanks for all the awesome suggestions. I did end up getting some Smartwool funnel zip top because they have the handy thumb hole to help keep the sleeves in place. Now all I have to get is some snow boots, gloves and some fleece pull overs.

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Love it glad you had fun.

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