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What does "BR" stand for on the temperature dial of my oven?

Asked by Plone3000 (668points) November 25th, 2012

I think it stands for “broil”, but I am not sure. I haven’t done a whole lot of cooking in my life.

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Broil is correct…. put it on and you should see the top burner turn on

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Broiler. Don’t put anything in there on “broiler” without WATCHING IT LIKE A HAWK. Broiler doesn’t cook things thoroughly; it cooks them very hot on the outside. Good for crisping, reheating quesadillas or pizza, etc.

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A broiler is also great for cooking steak rare or medium rare since it cooks at a high temperature. But as @bookish1 said watch it because it takes no time to burn it.

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Many ovens have a separate setting for the broiler. Yours may be on the temperature dial. Broiling is similar to grilling—things tend to cook very rapidly on the outside, while receiving less heat internally. When cooking anything that requires a certain temperature internally for prevention of infection, whether by baking, roasting, grilling, or broiling, the best policy is to use a quick-read thermometer (calibrated) to confirm internal temperature.

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The broiler element does not work like the rest of the oven.

1. It turns on the top element only, and keeps it on, so food cooks from the top only, and

2. It is not temperature dependent. The element stays on and hot (energized) until you turn off the oven or change the setting to “Bake” and a temperature.

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