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Does anyone have any suggestions for a 6 yr old boys birthday party that is coming up next month?

Asked by Dsg (1406points) November 25th, 2012

It will be my son’s first birthday party. I was thinking about letting him pick a friend or a few friends, but I have no idea what to do. My dilemma is this, I am a single Mom and currently unemployed so money is tight. I don’t want to do a big party in our apartment because it would be just too stressful in such a small place. My son’s birthday is Dec. 26th and that’s a bad time of yr for a party because everyone seems to be traveling for the holiday’s. I would like to have a birthday party before his actual birthday.

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You see, having a big party is not just stressful, but these additional children will also be hungry and thirsty, so you would have to buy additional cakes and juice.
In your current financial situation, I would not invite any of his friends, but keep the party private.
The situation would be further aggravated by not having enough money to buy a present that would not embarrass your kid in front of his friends (especially so close to christmas, which also requires presents), and would likely lead to additional “haha your family is poor” bullying at school.
So my advice is, keep it in the family, no friends, no decoration, low key.
Just make sure to explain to him why.

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My aunt that was born on Dec 31 decided at age five that she would celebrate her Unbirthday on July 4. Maybe you can suggest this to your son if he wants a party. That will give you more time and would make it easier to buy both Christmas and birthday presents.

It has the added advantage that you can have the party in a park and keep most of the birthday mess outside.

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I like @ragingloli‘s idea of just family and keeping it low key. Maybe even do a potluck if your family would be amenable to that.

Another thought would be to spend the day doing fun, no cost or low cost things with him. I don’t know where you live, but with that information, maybe the Collective could help you find things to do. If he has a best friend, maybe you could bring that child too. Your time and attention mean more than any party – even to a six year old.

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Since you have a small living area you could let him invite one or two friends over for a sleepover birthday party. You could rent a movie for them to watch and let them build a fort with sheets in the living room.

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@jonsblond took the words right out of my mouth. Even with lots of money, I’m sure any 6 year old boy or girl would love a sleepover with a couple of friends, movies, microwave popcorn, blankets and pillows on the floor, flashlights…be creative.

Your words and enthusiasm to him will be what makes it or breaks it. Don’t apologize and say you wish you could do more. Heck no. Build it up like it is the grandest thing in the world and be excited. It will be the best party ever if you feel it in your heart.

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Could you take them to the zoo? Admission should be inexpensive. Zoos are usually decorated for the holidays. Plus there are all the animals. The kids can run off some of their energy.

Then a pizza buffet at Cici’s, which is really inexpensive. Then birthday cake and you’re done.

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