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I want a portfolio site. Bt I am a total noob when it comes to web knowledge. What do I need to contemplate?

Asked by Grabbins (87points) June 6th, 2008

I want to know what I need to consider. i.e dowmtime (what it’s all about), prices, domain? Just web publishing basics to be honest? I need advice!!

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I’d recommend that you get your own domain, perhaps if it is available. Check out this thread for more information about web hosting. Any host worth their salt will have little to no downtime.

What is going in your portfolio? What are you planning on putting online?

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I am a graphic designer/illustrator so just work that has been designed with intentions to be printed not animated.

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The first web site I built was my wedding web site. I had all the information on my site for out of town guests and it was a great learning tool.

After I bought my own domain name I learned HTML using this web site:

The rest is history. If you are good with software and pick things up easily then you should have no problems.

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