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Do you or someone you know suffer from "Video Game Addiction"?

Asked by cskaj88 (22points) November 25th, 2012

I recently realized that I was addicted to video games. I found no easy solution other than to go out an sell every video game I had that would pose as a threat to me recovering an finding reality again.

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you may find yourself addicted to fluther also.

Welcome to the Fluther family.

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You could lock them up or loan them out.
Q: What is stopping you from buying more?
You will have to want it and replace the addiction with other activities.
Good luck and welcome to fluther.

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Yes, I knew a guy who lost a relationship, a job, college and many friends because of his WoW addiction.

Even after recognizing he had a problem, he didn’t stop until his his subsequent girlfriend helped him curb his addiction by controlling his schedule and telling him what to do. He redirected that intense focus into pursuing an acting career and just got on “Switched at Birth.” I’m afraid he will go back to video games if he ever lost her.

Talk to someone who specialized in addiction so you can get to the root of the addiction, rather than just getting rid of the symptoms.

Good luck!

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I spend a lot of time gaming, but I still make time to hold a full-time job, eat, sleep, and get laid. So, I wouldn’t really say I have an addiction; there is far more to my life than gaming. However, I have a couple of co-workers who are consistently “sick” the day after a new Battlefield or Call of Duty game comes out; both of them are now legally separated. The fact that I still have a wife tells me I am not that far gone.

More importantly, I acknowledge a sharp divide between reality and games. Games have rules; reality doesn’t. I am not a Tryker tossing Acid Bolts willy-nilly, nor a T49 Tank Destroyer sniping at Shermans and Tigers.

Gaming is usually a form of escapism, so the obvious question is, “What are you trying to escape from?”. For me, the answer is boredom, and games are the cheapest way to alleviate that.

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I was, or at least I believed I was. I got to a point where I felt that it was all that I ever did, so I quit cold turkey. It’s kind of weird, because I’ve played video games all of my life, it almost felt like part of my identity. I’m sure that sounds weird, but being a girl who was good at video games was, I don’t know, something that I was proud of, like I was throwing something in the face of everyone who thought they were just for guys.

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As long as you still take care of what needs to be done.. I don’t see the problem with doing what you want to do.

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