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How do you feel about restaurants with messy floors?

Asked by filmfann (44523points) November 25th, 2012

I had dinner tonight at the Texas Road House, which is a steak place. Customers are given a bucket of peanuts when served, and are expected to throw the shells on the floor.
I am uncomfortable with this, even though it is intentionally done.
There is a pizza place in town (Skippolini’s) which has the floor of the restaurant covered with sawdust. I am also uncomfortable with this.
Do you know of other restaurants that do this?
How do you feel eating in a messy place, even when it is intentional?

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I’d probably leave… I don’t like it when a restaurant is dirty. I feel like it’s really gross, and I automatically suspect that the cooks don’t wash their hands.

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We have a few places like that here, so I am used to it. However, the places here that do this are bars, not restaurants. It is almost a kind of tradition to throw your snack packets and receipts and random bits of junk on the floor, so that it can be swept up every 15 to 30 minutes or so.

I would not have a problem with a place that lets you throw peanut shells on the floor, but there is no way I would eat at a place with saw dust all over. I suspect that at best it is there to soak up stuff, and at worst is some kind of breeding ground for all kinds of things.

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Well the closest I have come to this is eating outdoors. No problem with that.

I think if it over all felt clean and welcoming and not poorly run or lacking in hygiene standards I might eventually become ok with it. But probably not at first. Especially if it felt gimicky.

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I don’t mind the peanut shells, but the thought of saw dust doesn’t sound appealing. When I was growing up in Las Vegas in the 70s and 80s my parents often took me to this German restaurant that encouraged you to throw your peanut shells on the floor. It was part of the ambiance. My mom loved that place and it was always a fun time when we went. A restaurant that does this only brings back good memories for me.

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Before clicking to read the details of this question, my first thought was. “It’s OK with me if the mess is peanut shells”.

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We have a Texas Roadhouse too, and other than the crunching beneath my feet, the shells never bothered me. They sweep it up every night after closing, so I wouldn’t call it “dirty” at all. It’s just part of the atmosphere.

Now, if the restaurant IS actually dirty, I probably wouldn’t eat there. And the sawdust thing concerns me for more important reasons. How do they keep it out of the air and food?

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Peanut shells and sawdust? I don’t have a problem with them from a cleanliness point of view, but it sounds tacky.

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Never really been to any restaurant that has messy floors, other than places like bars. If I knew it was messy and decided to go and eat anyways, this means I wouldn’t mind. But if I wasn’t expecting it, I might be kind of thrown off. Still, as long as the stuff didn’t get in my food, I wouldn’t care.

If I was an orc though, that might be different.

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I don’t mind as long as I haven’t just polished my shoes or am wearing new ones. You have to dress for the restaurant you’re going to, so warn me ahead of time.

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@Symbeline, I love your reminder that the possible word combinations that form grammatical English sentences are boundless. I have never before read a sentence that began “If I was an orc.”  >> smooch <<

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Don’t be kissin’ the orc, brah.

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I’m weirded out by the peanut shell thing, too. Not that I won’t eat there as a result, but I really won’t throw them on the floor. It just feels wrong to throw garbage on the floor, I don’t like it.

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I guess we are convential here in the Fluther world.
Who here also has issues eating with their fingers?

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Not me. I’m actually a really messy eater lol. While with company, I know how to keep myself and I will, but when I’m on my own, or with people who I know don’t mind, I’m a complete barbarian. I am a neat freak and will clean up after myself, but that’s a personal thing, has nothing to do with norms.

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Kids should never be allowed anywhere near restaurants, especially ankle biters.

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I do not mind it at all. There is nothing wrong with peanuts on the floor, it doesn’t affect your meal, unless of course you are allergic. Honestly I have more of a problem with sterile environments than I would with sawdust or peanuts. Actually I’d really dig the sawdust place, it’s my favorite smell in the world. Sawdust and pizza?!?!? OMG the combo of the too might become sexual actually.

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I could care less if peanut shells are on the floor. It could be covered with skulls, and I wouldn’t care as long as the food is good (unless I’m required to eat off the floor, then that changes things). I actutally like to throw shit on the floor in these types of restaurants.

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LMAO, skulls on the ground. Ye gods did that make me laugh lmao

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