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How to know if a guy likes you?

Asked by smryna (87points) November 26th, 2012

I’ve been working with him (let’s just say X) in the same company for a long time. We’re in different department but we sometimes run into each other at the dining hall and mostly at the terrace. I catch his eyes on me. He stares at me (I stare back at him) and then he looks away. It happens all the time. I never see him alone just like me but when I do I’d like to smile at him but I am too shy and don’t wanna do it in front of my friends. I don’t know maybe he is checking for signs to take a step. Maybe I am giving him a wrong sign.

I really don’t know what to do. Please share your honest opinion with me.

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He may be very interested in you but scared of losing his job for crossing the line of sexual harassment. Flirting in the workplace can be very dangerous.

Smile whenever you catch his eye, say hi if you can. And the best thing is “hey, a couple of us are going out after work, can you join us?”

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I certainly believe that, It’s nothing to do with sexual harassment. Because lots of colleagues been dating ever since i could remember!

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The easiest way is probably just to ask. And I don’t mean saying “Hey, do you like me” .. I mean something like what @zenvelo mentioned. If he goes, he probably likes you. If he doesn’t seem interested.. he probably doesn’t.

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Send him an email saying, “Your eyes are always too far away for me to see what color they are. Let’s have coffee.” Mention a time when all the other folks won’t be there.

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@wundayatta I can not do that! It’s too much and i don’t want to seem like an easy girl to get. Because i am not that kind of girl.

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@smryna The next time you know you’re going to cross ways with Mr. X, drop something near him, like a pen or a pencil, and keep walking like you didn’t notice. Surely he will pick it up and run after you to give it back, and you can start a conversation from there…

…on pencils

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@smryna Perhaps you should tell us where you live. Pakistan? Saudi Arabia? It sounds like some place rally conservative.

I don’t know what you think is easy, but that’s just a flirtation and an invitation. It does not mean he has “got” you. No no no. It’s just saying you want to see him close enough to see his eyes. If you think saying that makes you into a slut or something, then I don’t understand why you are even working somewhere where you can even see men.

You’re making eye contact across a crowded room. I’m sorry, but you are already a fallen woman if you think sending an email makes you easy.

Of course, I don’t think you are a fallen woman. I don’t think you are easy. I think you are young and naive, but that’s not a problem. Relationships are not a game. They are about communication. If you refuse to communicate clearly, then you will never be happy in a relationship.

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He may be interested. Why don’t you find yourself alone on the terrace when he is likely to be there?

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@wundayatta I am a conservative person yeah but i live in a secular state. So it’s all about me. I don’t do flirtation thing because i really don’t know the “game” and don’t wanna screw it up! Because i might be falling for him.

I just can’t write an email and it’s not the same thing looking his eyes. Because it’s the only connection i have with him and i need to keep the kettle boiling!

@marinelife just because i find myself alone time doesn’t mean he goes on the terrace all alone..he is always with his friends ! :/

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Give him a flower. Have a florist deliver a daisy or a carnation to him and leave your contact information on the card. That way you won’t have to deal with your friends or his friends until after the fact.

This will also give you a way to save face if he doesn’t return your affections.

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If he’s staring at you, give him a big smile and then look down. Then, with your head still down look up with your eyes to see if he’s still looking. If he is, give him a little smile and turn back to your friends. Do this a few times before sneaking in a wink and a big grin.. (Assuming he’s still looking.)

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@Sunny2 is a total player :P

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@Sunny2 i already did that part: If he’s staring at you, give him a big smile and then look down. Then, with your head still down look up with your eyes to see if he’s still looking.
But i’m not giving him a smile! (It may blew him away :/)

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Just to let you know; don’t be so reliant on eye contact… I like someone and I always caught them staring at me, guess what didn’t happen?we never got together but we are now good friends. Not to get your hopes down or something but eye contact can mean something totally different than what you think it is!

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