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Do dogs like hummus?

Asked by jipnibblesandkibble (16points) November 26th, 2012

I love hummus and I hope my dog does too so we can share a hummus bond!

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Have you tried asking him if he likes it?

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Just ask him. There is no shame in this. If he says “no” he probably has a good reason, like being forced to eat chickpeas as a puppy, which is not as uncommon as many people think it is. If so, no big deal. You can bond in other ways like getting pedicures together or organizing a cookie exchange! NOW, if he says “yes”, imagine all the fun you can have eating hummus, then maybe after you can also do the pedicures or baked goods!

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Welcome to Fluther. And this is one of the best questions I’ve seen on here in a while.
I hope the answer is yes!

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Most dogs I know will eat almost anything.

I had a cat who was crazy for hummus. She would pounce on unsuspecting guests. We had to shut her in the bedroom if we wanted to eat hummus unmolested. It was weird but entertaining, and a delight to see her so happy.

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Animals have taste preferences, just like people. I had a cat that loved broccoli, but she was the only one of many that did. One of my current cats has a thing for Triscuits.

So I say try it. They may, they may not.

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Are you comedian Bill Bailey? Something about the question has his style all over it.

As far as I know, dogs eat more or less anything. My dog will eat anything, and if there is something he does not eat, he soon changes his mind after he sees me eat it, and he realizes you can actually eat whatever it may be he did not want to eat before.

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It depends on what kind of hummus, but generally they will eat it.

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spicy hummus?

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Seems to me that the important thing to know is whether hummus contains anything harmful to dogs.

Assuming the answer is no, the best thing to do is consult the dog on his own taste preferences.

We had a cat that liked guacamole. But that was only one out of a long line of cats. Same one also liked cold spaghetti. I would not expect that what’s true of one is necessarily going to be true for all.

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They like it better if it smells like rotting meat.

Personally, I find hummus highly overrated.

Welcome to Fluther!

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I’d be careful about the potential for serious doggy farts, but, if you’re okay with that, can’t hurt the dog. I had a cat that loved Cantaloupe once, he went insane whenever I cut one up and always had a bowl of minced Cantaloupe.
I also recall a bean related tragedy years ago when a bunch of us partying youngsters fed a friends dog our leftover bean burritos one night.

Nobody let Simon out and the next morning their WHITE carpet had about 20 piles of Rosarita refried beans all over it. Baaaad, so baaaad, crawling around with hangovers wiping up dog diarrhea. :-)

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I would think most dogs would give hummus a go, and you’d know if said dog enjoyed it. Not sure if dog and dips go together due to the technique needed though: I suspect it would be the Slurping Method and Not Stopping Until It’s All Gone.

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The dog would probably love hummus, if it has enough garlic in it and not too much salt. You can test different crackers or thin breads first to find out which kind of dippers he would like best. I don’t think going the cold veggies route for dippers would work very well, but you never know. You should also serve it to him in the same size and color bowl that you use. That would help the dog realize that you are offering a very special treat. And both of you should eat it on the floor. It’s too much to expect the dog to have table manners. But maybe yours is different.

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You never know! One of my cats loves any kind of bread, potato chips, and lettuce. Maybe you should give him a doggie biscuit dipped in hummus. Hell, I’d probably like a dog biscuit, if it was slathered with yummy stuff!

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My dogs say they hate it.

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I doubt they like to eat soil.

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Nah! chickpeas are not a dogs favorite

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Actually dogs do eat soil, vets say it is a natural thing to do, like eating grass.

But not hummus.

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My dog loved anything with garlic in it; lots of dogs do. She never tried hummus though, it’s not something we had very often.

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Well..I just caused a freaking STAMPEDE over here trying to walk past 2 mules, a horse and 3 sheep with a bowl of apple peelings. I tossed some to the sheepers first, big mistake! The horses charged the sheep and ran them off and ate all the goodies. lol

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@Coloma: Geez, you’re lucky that this is in Social ;)

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@bookish1 LOL..Random, impulsive sharings.

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