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Did you ever sneak out?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) November 26th, 2012

Why? What for? How old were you?

I guess it’s kind of hard to sneak out when you are grown up and it’s your house and you don’t have parents to respond to. Although, I suppose there are bosses and spouses and friends and relatives that you might sneak out on.

My only truly memorable sneaking out happened when I was 17. I hopped on my bike and rode several miles on unlit winding rural roads, with only my generator-powered headlamp to keep me on the road. I don’t think I passed a single car on the way.

If you know me, you know it had to be for love. Alas, it was to be an unrequited love. In the end, though, she left me with an important gift. She answered my question about what girls wanted. She actually provided me with a useful answer. That was definitely worth sneaking out for. And I never even got caught.

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Nope, I was always a good girl. My sister and step-brother used to sneak out when they were teens and go drink, smoke weed, and party it up. He’s currently incarcerated and she’s addicted to narcotics and living at home at the age of 30…I’m 23, in college, married, and living with my husband in our own home. Coincidence? :) Childhood is a great foreshadowing of adulthood.

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Yes, I did sneak out when I was 17 to be able to be out late with my boyfriend, who eventually was my husband. I always had to be home by 11:00 PM. I would go in and let Mother know I was home, get into the bed for a bit, then climb out the window and then stay out with him until sometimes sunrise. There were nights when we didn’t see each other than he was knock on my window in the middle of the night and I would climb out and sit on the porch with him the rest of the night.

I’ve often wondered if my children ever did anything like I did. If they did I never knew it, so I guess that’s fine.

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I didn’t sneak out when I was in high school or even college, no, but I had a thing for getting into abandoned or locked up buildings, just to explore. I never damaged or stole anything, just liked the thrill of getting in and looking around.

I went to a boarding school for my junior and senior years. Even from there, I didn’t sneak out- was way too scared. I did, however, help my friends sneak out and back in.

@livelaughlove21 Interesting… “Childhood is a great foreshadowing of adulthood.” Good one—I still love to know random information and spent most of my adulthood helping others and putting others first.

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No, but my mother did give me a lot of freedom once I hit a certain age. I went from having a curfew to unbridled freedom. We had our talk about drugs and sex and I was on my way. I never really abused the freedom so I kept it. I was a good kid from the start though.

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I’d sneak out, but never wandered far.

What we actually did (my neighbor kid and I), was that we would sneak out through the little window on the roof, sit together upon the roof for 15 minutes, be very cold, feel very rebellious and sneak back in to go to bed.

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I snuck out a lot the summer between Jr .and Sr. year of high school. I was hanging with a different set of kids, started smoking and drinking a bit. I’d sneak down the stairs and out a side door, then through a gate.

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When I was really little I remember sneaking outside. It was early in the morning and I was awake, but everyone else was sleeping. We’re talking like six AM here. My grandpa was staying over, sleeping on the couch if I remember correctly. I sneaked out, because I was well aware that I wasn’t supposed to go out at this time. But I must have made noise, because I was in the backyard for like five minutes when my grandpa came and took me inside. Complete fail. Lol.

Also in that same place, (which was a basement suite) I sneaked outside through the window in my parents’s bedroom. It was Winter, so a bunch of snow went all over everything that was beneath the window. I got spanked. Fail again lol.

Much later as a teen living with my dad, I never sneaked out, because he was pretty lax on the rules, and how late I could stay out. He trusted me, and I never failed that trust, or barely. He gave me enough freedom, and I respected the rules.
But on and off in my teens I lived in group homes cuz mt dad wasn’t always able to hold a job and take care of me, plus he drank too much. They have severe ass rules. Shitty curfews, you can’t go anywhere…and if I did stay in, they’d let us play video games for like 20 minutes a day. LAME. Not only did I sneak out, I stayed away for a whole day, sometimes entire weekends. I’d hang out with friends, get drunk or do drugs, and just crash at random people’s houses, and once, on top of a restaurant roof, under this big ass motor thing that provided heat while you slept. It was mounted on the roof and you could crawl under, although to this day I still have no idea what it is.
Sometimes they came looking for me if I was missing for too long, or was escorted back by cops whenever we partied too hardcore late at night in some park you’re not supposed to be in after 11PM. A few times I went to my dad’s place, and he’d let me sleep there, but he did make it clear that it was his duty to bring me back to the home in the morning, and asked that I cooperate. Which I did, but it pissed me off lol.

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My parents wanted me home by midnight when I was in high school. If I wanted to be out later, I’d spend the night with a friend whose parents were less strict. My folks never asked me what time I got in when I was staying at someone else’s house. Seems silly to me even now.

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All. The. Time.
When we were teens, my whole group of friends who lived in our apartment complex would all sneak out in the middle of the night and meet up at the park, or in the laundry rooms. Sometimes we planned ahead, and my best friend and I would each tell our mothers that we were spending the night at the other’s house. Other times, someone would throw a pebble at my window, and out I’d go.

In warm weather, we’d stay out all night long, walking around town or laying on a hill, and sneak back in just after sunrise. Catching the sunrise was a big deal to us. In cold weather, we’d stay in the laundry room, sometimes roller skating on the smooth floors. Occasionally, we’d break into a vacant apartment (it was ridiculously easy to do and caused no damage) and hang out there to keep warm. While we definitely did some drinking, and sometimes smoked a little pot, we never did anything truly bad while we were out. We walked and talked a lot, played some truth or dare, sang and perfected our dance moves. We were just nightowls who wanted to be together.

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Yes, to meet a guy when I was 17.

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Nah, never needed to.

By the time I was 16 I was staying over my girlfriend’s house 2 or 3 days a week.

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Well, ever is such a long time & seeing as a large portion has yet to occur, I feel I can’t possibly predict what might be.
As of yet, I haven’t no.

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I have never needed to sneak out. I just leave.

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No, I never did, although when I was dating I sometimes came in very, very, very late.

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I did a lot when I was a child. For various reasons. I got frost bite once or twice but that was more of an impromptu running away.
As I got older they pretty much gave me what rights I fought for. Nobody was going to make me toe the line.
I had to sneak in out last summer. I briefly had a roommate with a dog and was a morning person. For a minute it was fun. Got old pretty quick.

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The only time I remember ever sneaking out was when I wanted to go explore the “haunted” woods with my sister when I was about 12.
My mom never liked us going out in the I can see why, there are so many weird people around here..

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I lived in a large Victorian house built on a hill, so the back of the house was 5 stories above ground. I considered getting a chain ladder and hanging it out the window, but I was very aware that if something happened, I would probably die. What I used to do was sneak in, at around 4 a.m. and go very quietly up the stairs, and hope that my parents would not wake up. What I used to do was put on my nightgown real quick and get into bed, so if my mom did wake up I would make it look like I was in bed and not just arriving home. I used to hang out with older people, when I was 17 and 18, they were in their mid-20’s, so they could stay out all night if they wanted, and I had rules hanging over my head, which was very annoying.

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Oh hell yes. I was much cooler as a teenager than I am now. (Strangely enough, I was also far more motivated in school…)

Sometimes I’d just sneak out to walk around the neighborhood at night and look at the stars. Talk to friends on the phone, maybe. But a good number of times, I snuck out to meet my lady friend. Sometimes I even snuck her into my house. That was… foolhardy. O_O

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Yes!!! But…I always made sure I told my parents I was going to sneak out (We lived in the country.) Even after my parents knew, I’d still go out my window, which I had removed the hinges from so it would open all the way. My bedroom at that time was sort of below ground. I could stand on my bedroom floor and the window would start at my chest. I was really a good girl who wished she could be bad.Sigh.

One memorial night I went up about midnight and told my folks I was going to sneak out. Dad told me I couldn’t. I popped off with “Well, then I just won’t tell you!” I was so cool, no?

He said, “Well…be careful, Valre.”

It was 1974, I was 16. Sometime later I learned that BTK had hit his first victims, the Oteros right around that time. They lived atabout 30 minutes from us. We lived in Derby, they were in Wichita…..

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When I was ten, I became a latch-key kid when my mother went back to work (full-time, days).

At first, I came dutifully home from school and stayed in the house. Soon however, I realized that neither of my parents were checking on me. No phone calls, no neighbors dropping by. So I basically had about three hours-a-day to myself – unsupervised.

So the following year, I would finish my homework and go out for the afternoon (with my bicycle). At first, just locally. To the park, the corner store. Eventually, I’d ride into the next city. Go to the mall.

By the third year, age twelve, I was hopping the train into the city and spending my afternoons in Harvard Square or somewhere in Boston.

I always made it back home before my parents did and they never caught me. When I was fourteen, I finally told them I was going places after school.

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@cookieman What did they say?

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I was 17 too! I pretty much sneaked out every weekend from 3:00 a.m-7:00a.m to makeout with my bad ass ex in his car and go clubbing with his guy friends. Whenever I could I’d sneakout to be with him as my parents strongly disapproved of him. They were right ;)

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Thank you all for these great stories!

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@Dutchess_III: They said (something like), “Well, just stay local. In the neighborhood.” I said “sure”, but it was far too late for that.

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Only when I was young and my parents grounded me. I escaped out the window and climbed down our slanted porch roof which lead to the bulkhead roof which lead to the ground. The only hair places were going around the corner from one roof to the other then having to get by the kitchen window without anyone seeing.

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Yes, when i was 15 and 16 i snuck out every single weekend. I would normally do it to feel rebellious and what not, however I got caught one time, and that was the last time I ever did it. It’s a very funny story now that I think about it.

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Yes and no. My parents are divorced and I used to “sneak” out of my mom’s house. Honestly though, it wasn’t really sneaking. My mom knew I wouldn’t do anything stupid and it was only for midnight 7/11 runs.

My dad is a different story. I would never dream of sneaking out of my dad’s house, even now (17 years old). He has ways of making me believe he’d do something drastic, and I also tend to not like to disrespect him. It may be weird, but I consider sneaking out to be a sort of “f” you to parents.

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