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A gift for her?

Asked by Optimism101 (101points) June 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I have a friend that I like, and I have a gift that I want to give her just because. Its a shadow box, with a picture of her in the middle and 5 poems, one on beauty, courage, kindness etc.. Also with stickers of all her favorite things. The whole thought behind this is because i want to tell her there’s at least one person wholooks at her and sees those qualities and traits. My question is, will that reveal how much I like her, or is that a ” friend” gift?

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If you are already very good friends it might be okay-

BUT if someone I was not close to gave me a gift like that I would be creeped out and think stalker….

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Sorry, yeah we are good friends, known each other for like 2 years. We have good chemistry, but not sure if its the right time to see if we’re more than friends

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I think you would have better luck if you talked about it before showing such an intimate gift. That is a gift that a girlfriend gets from her boyfriend. But to get it from a friend could spook her.

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Until then maybe put it back into the secret room you have with all those pictures of her hanging everywhere and the black candles.

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Seriously…seize the day and just tell her how much you like her. The worst thing she can say is no and you are already not going out with her. I know that it might ruin whatever relationship you have going now, but it will just get you more bitter the longer you hang out without telling her.

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That is the most sweetest/thoughtful gift! I think you should let her know how you feel before you give her the gift. You only have one life! Go for it. Its so sweet of you, and I don’t see why she wouldn’t like it either way.

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Wait a while. Test the waters before diving in. Such a gift has the potential to be very powerful, or very dangerous.

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definite backfire potential.

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