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[NSFW] What do you think of a man in a "Thong"?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) November 27th, 2012

I have to be honest and say, I used to hate them with a passion. Give me a man in a leopard skin thong and I will run a mile.

Maybe it’s my age I don’t know, but suddenly I find them very sexy. I guess it would depend on the man though?

Some men I would imagine would look like a Monty Python caricature? Which makes me wonder too, loads of larger ladies wear thongs how come they look OK in their thongs?

So gentlemen, and ladies do you prefer your man/women in a Thong, or are there certain Thong Rules?

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Once you’ve been to a few nude beaches, you stop caring lol.

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You mean a thong like this one?


Hell no!

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I’ve never worn a thong and I am trying to picture myself in one now lol

I think it does depend on the person and maybe also the confidence of the person and not just how they look that makes it successful? (at least for a guy)

I also think that there was a tendency to have joke ones for guys for a while such as the elephant one for example, but with women they could have a different feel about them? (you can see I’m guessing a lot here lol)

Personally I think a thong can be sexy on a woman and I do quite like them, but keeping with what I just said I wouldn’t if it was made to look like a tiger or something.

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Like a thong monokini? Or, thongs like flip flops on the feet?

I hate the bathing suit, don’t mind the flip flops.

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I prefer a woman in a thong.

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MY EYES! They burn! Aaarg

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I don’t really have a preference, that I can think of. On a similar topic, however, I know a lot of women hate to see men in short shorts (mid-thigh/above the knee), but I love it. I wish they would come back into style. I wasn’t born yet when they were popular in the 70s/early 80s, so I’m waiting for a comeback. :)

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The last one is nasty.

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@Mama_Cakes Speak for yourself.

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Haha. @Hawaii_Jake You can have him. :)

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@DigitalBlue Yes, here it’s very not cool to wear a speedo, that very small swim suite thingy that men wear. Board shorts are the deal. I still don’t like speedos must say. My dad knew all this so he would purposely wear a speedo with a union jack on it, with his lilly white body, just to annoy me, as a teenager. loll. No wonder I am not shy, you could never be shy in my family no chance.

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@Shippy that is an image I might struggle to get out of my mind now lol

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@TheProfoundPorcupine As do I, as do I.. sigh

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I like the last one best of all 3. I guess I just have unusual taste?

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@DigitalBlue you and @Hawaii_Jake . That first photo is having a strange effect on me….....gotta go loll

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Maybe, I’m not crazy about pronounced packages. lol

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I.m not a fan. A European man used to wear one to the pool at our apartment. It was really disconcerting. He had a huge chest and a tiny waist. I thought he looked like a cartoon character.

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Well, if it’s good enough for James Bond

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Well, since everyone is sharing pictures that they like, I may as well hop on board.

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Third guy from the right; is he hanging tough low? Can’t be.

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@Mama_Cakes oh my, I’m not sure. I kind of hope not.

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maybe, it’s just the way the fabric is laying. The guy on the left is cute.

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Ok, here is my thong picture. I don’t like them.

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<stops following thread>

<throws up>


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You know that you have me “google imagin’” guys in wet shorts. Thanks, db. ;-)

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@Mama_Cakes I kind of hope my husband looks at the search history later. Ha. Ha.

I guess I didn’t really have an opinion before this thread, but the thong thing is growing on me.

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@DigitalBlue “the thong thing is growing on me”

There’s definitely a joke in there somewhere… but I’m not sure I can make it.

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@chyna Sometimes “nasty” is good!!

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Thongs (the butt kind, not the sandal kind) are just sooooooooo wrong. They make guys, even gorgeous guys with hot bodies look foolish and gross. It just screams Look at my Wiener! I really don’t want to see one of those cinched up in a little coin purse or a goody bag from a child’s birthday party.

And as far as short shorts on men, please don’t let that style ever come back around. @DigitalBlue trust me, you don’t want to see This

Or This

Or This ever again. They make skinny, hairy, white legs look even skinnier, hairier and whiter, not to mention bowed or even knock-kneed, whereas a longer pair of shorts de-emphasizes those qualities.


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In general I am not a fan of men’s butts. They can be nice but I’d rather pass. There is so much else to look at.

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I don’t care to see a man in a thong. I would rather see a man in boxers or those tight boxer briefs. Those to me turn me on.

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@deni Butts are fine, but they look much better au natural than they do cinched up in a coin purse. I, personally am much more affected by looking at a man’s eyes.

Check out the eyes on Dan Stevens, the actor who plays Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey. I would hate to see those eyes emphasized or contained like This

Thongs seem kind of the the wienorial equivalent of ^^ those glasses.

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@Kardamom I dunno, I like it.

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No matter what your gender, I’m not going to find you attractive in a thong.

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I’m gonna need extra socks if I have to wear one of those things!

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Thongs are just rhong.

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Would I wear a thong? Maybe as a joke. But this, this and this testify that on the right guy, they can look hotter than the Fourth of July.

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@ETpro Nothing sexier than a guy in a bow tie.

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It takes a special kind if man to pull off a thong.

I may be alone here, but unless you’ve got a great body, I don’t think a thong is flattering on anyone. I only wear them when panty lines are an issue, but I find nothing sexy about them.

On guys, I prefer boxer briefs. No boxers though – not flattering either. Oh and @nofurbelowsbatgirl, the ass on the second guy….yowza!

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@Kardamom, look at my wiener. I honestly laughed out loud. You post deserved more than the one great answer I could submit.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl, that is so much hotter than thongs.

nofurbelowsbatgirl's avatar

@livelaughlove21 Tell me about it!

@bkcunningham I agree :p I personally do not find thongs all that pleasing on men or women, they remind me of strippers…I’m not really into that.

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All this kind of flies in the face of the idea that the human body is beautiful and should be accepted (should I say) at face value. Or perhaps we need to accept that the body may not be beautiful at all and still appreciate it for what it is. If the guy lying peacefully on that bed was mine, I’d appreciate it as often as I could.

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banana hammock? Heck yea I would rock that! And I’ve got a fantastic bod….the ladies are like
and Im like
“chya…still got it, Im sexy and I know it!”

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I suddenly feel the need to vomit.

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I’ve recently been reading stories involving men in codpieces, so a thong is not precisely new in male gear. I think I’ve read too many by the same author, she’s stopped describing the men’s clothing. I’ll have to go back to early Earth sagas for more risque wear, Jean Auel anyone?

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@Sunny2 I agree with you.

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I really don’t like it. I can’t take it seriously at all! If I saw a man in a thong, I would think ‘cool’, funny guy’, but it’s really not pretty at all.
I’m just not a fan of thongs at all, I really don’t see the point.

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Isn’t the point to make your sexual attributes rather obvious? I guess it works on some women and not on others. Depends on how visual and how sexual you are. If you’re not visual, then there’s not going to be a point. But if you like the suggestiveness, it could make you forget about a guy’s face. And while women seem to hate that idea (my face is up here), I think a lot more men would be very happy if their cock pouch drew all the attention. I guess it would make it pretty obvious if a guy was “glad to see you.” ;-)

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I always thought the point of a thong was so you could wear form fitting clothing without the dreaded panty lines. I know they’re used widely even if panty lines aren’t a problem, but I figure that’s the main reason they were…created?

Personally, I can’t wear them for an extended period of time without my lady parts becoming irritated. I have friends who ONLY wear thongs, even to bed. I don’t see why, but to each their own. I’ve yet to see a “normal” female with a “normal” body that looked good in a thong, even if that female is attractive and thin. Thongs look great on Victoria’s Secret models, but unfortunately we don’t all look like that.

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@livelaughlove21 Well here’s a different perspective. Thongs show a lot more flesh. They are as little as you can wear and still be legal, I think. So it’s quite sexual.

I dunno about lady parts and comfort. I’ve heard some women find them comfortable and others not so much. But from a guy perspective—at least, from a horndog kind of guy, anyway, they are absolutely delightful. Very sexy.

As to panty lines? Well, that’s not something I ever really think about. Sorry.

But I seriously do not think that men wear thongs because they are worried about panty lines in their clothing. Guys wear baggy clothes mostly. It doesn’t matter.

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@livelaughlove21 It’s been proven that thongs for females are probably the most unhygienic underwear they can wear. Simply because the bacteria swing back and forth directly into the vagina. Not nice. I’ll pass personally.

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@wundayatta No, I was referring to women when I mentioned panty lines. That’s their primary, and quite frankly their only, real FUNCTION. Now it’s all about preference, and I realize that many wear them for other less functional reasons.

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What a question, @Shippy. Fluther really is your therapy, isn’t it.
Thongs do very little for me, and I have the libido of a 16 year old gay boy…. I prefer boxer briefs!

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Very sexy (you all should see King_Pariah in a speedo, it is delicious… pity he’s not gay).

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Wait thongs are the littlest amount of material you can ever wear? What happened to G strings are they off the market? No I haven’t grown used to being flossed. So I can’t speak to hygiene or discomfort of being flossed.

As to unhygenic and uncomfortable I have to say that depends on the fit. Get a stretchy microfiber, very soft, and make sure it’s your size.
Nope no trying it on please. Maybe buying a couple different sizes at first.

They are wonders with panty lines. I mean do you really want strangers you know or pass that you wear string bikinis, bikinis, boyshorts, granny panties? I’d rather no one see them and not ever think about what I do or do not wear. Same principle with bras white light shirts or slacks. Don’t wear dark underclothing.

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@rosehips Perish the thought, that people actually “try” on thongs!

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^^Indeed. Why do people take bathing suits into fitting rooms? I mean sure you can try on the top if it’s seperate or put the bottom on over your undies, but I still inspect before I buy.

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@rosehips Do you really buy swimsuits without trying them on first? I’m not sure what the alternative would be to taking one into the fitting room, other than putting it on in the middle of the store, which… would be a little weird.

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@rosehips They go come with that ‘guard’ thingy there. But even still that has been all over. Yes I would never try on undies. Bathing costume definitely. But keeping my knickers on!!

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I actually don’t @glacial I usually order them online anyway. They come in a nice sealed package which is probably an illusion of safety, but we are all allowed our own quirks. I would never use any one else’s toys, even if they were glass and sprayed down with before and after.

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Yes, but let us accept that a bathing suit is different from a sex toy… I can’t be certain whether a bathing suit will suit my figure without trying it on. I can’t imagine buying them online, personally.

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I guess I understand this but Sort of not. Living in Alaska one gets used to buying online.
So I know what cut of underwear I like. I know what colors look good on me, what sort of neckline I will tolerate. What cut and styles I gravitate toward. If i am unsure I go figure flattering, there are usually reviews or ratings. And then there is the option of sending it back or reselling it here.

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On the feet, ok. No butt floss for me, though.

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