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Do you wear makeup to visit the corner shop?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) November 27th, 2012

The corner shop being the local cafe where milk and bread is sold.

I used to really be so ‘Proud’, or vain? That I would always wear full face makeup and blow dried hair, plus a becoming outfit, even to go out and buy a carton of milk. Because I just never knew who I could bump into.

Most days I wear no make up now. I have to be honest and say, I don’t notice any difference. Insofar as men chatting me up!! I’m not wholly sure though if this is a fact. I will have to test it out again and wear some. So what are your habits or thoughts on make up do you go all out or go all natural. I wonder which men prefer really? I personally feel it must be quite yukky to kiss a mouth covered in goo!

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I won’t leave the house without concealer and mascara. I also have a body image disorder, so that has a lot to do with it. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I am afraid to be seen without it.

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Not usually, unless I’m feeling particularly whimsical: ;-p

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I don’t like when the makeup looks like it has been put on by somebody plastering a wall and you do see some girls here who, for some reason, make themselves look orange and then have all colours of makeup put on so they look like they have been slapped in the face by a rainbow.

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I never left the house without makeup as a teen, but have gotten less and less concerned with impressing others as I’ve gotten older. And I find that the elderly women who seem the happiest are those who are low-maintenance.

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I don’t, because I’m a guy, and I don’t understand the ladies that do so. Why bother? You can look great without makeup!

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I don’t hate the way I look without makeup, but I like the way I like with a little bit a lot more….just for the fact that it evens out my skin tone and makes me look a little more awake and together. I will go out wearing no makeup if it’s to the store or anywhere else really aside from out on the town. THen, I do like to look good. There’s nothing wrong with makeup, until you get to the extent where it makes you look like an entirely different person. Then there’s something wrong.

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I don’t usually wear any at all.

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I don’t wear make up ever.

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I don’t wear make up ever. I don’t even own any kind of cosmetics at all, unless you call shampoo a cosmetic, and so far, I have never ran out of the shampoo collected by my husband during his business trips.

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I don’t wear makeup ever, either. (1) It’s too much hassle. (2) My mom and I don’t exactly have the best of relationships, so it’s hard to bring up. (3) I don’t feel the need to always look “perfect” or “beautiful”. People who care about it don’t matter to me, and people who matter to me don’t care about it. So far, I’ve got plenty of male friends. And, plus – what you see is what you get with me, as far as looks go. I don’t want to “fall in love” with a guy when all he sees of me is makeup. What a shock it’d be to see me roll out of bed in the morning if that were all he knew of me!!

Shudders at the thought of RandomGirl’s early-morning appearance.

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No. Not when I go to the grocery store. The only makeup I ever use is lip gloss. On special occasions I’ll wear mascara. That’s it.

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From my (male) perspective, makeup really doesn’t matter to me. In fact, makeup tends to be intimidating. It says a woman is looking for a certain type of guy (who doesn’t happen to be me). She’s expecting a guy to wine and dine her, and he needs to be tall and handsome and have a fat wallet.

Nope. I don’t like makeup that much. Certainly not full war paint. If you have to wear it, then make it look natural, or I’ll be too intimidated to talk to you. Or at least, I used to be.

Now I’ve learned a lot about women from fluther that I never knew. For example, it seems that a large number of women my age feel invisible. So to me, that means they probably will be grateful if I talk to them. It’ll make them feel seen.

But honestly, all your efforts at makeup affect me subliminally, if they affect me at all. I don’t like it when you look too good because then I think you won’t be interested in talking to me. I’ll bet that women get more interest from men unmadeup than madeup.

In fact, I think that the real reason women get all made up is not at all for me. We really don’t count. We’re dogs. If she’s female, we’re interested. No. You use make-up to impress other women.

So when you stop wearing it to the corner store, the truth is you no longer care to compete with other women for status. Not status as far as men are concerned, but status between you women. Or at least, you’re not competing on the basis of how you put yourself together.

What happens, I suspect, is that young women write you off and think you don’t count any more. Older women may or may not write you off, depending on whether they are still doing make-up. But other women, the ones feminists might call “hags” understand that you have changed your source of power. You are now running on wisdom instead of looks. Some women get this and others don’t. Some men get this, but I’m not sure how many.

Yet another change.

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I don’t wear it because I don’t think that I need it. I don’t have a low self esteem, and I feel that I am beautiful with or without makeup.
I’m a teenager, so of course I’m going to need coverup sometimes, but that’s also rare. Usually if I’m wearing makeup it’s just because I got bored.

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No. I live rural and we all can be seen tromping around out here running errands in our sweats/ jeans/jammies, mud boots and Marlboro Man sheepskin vests.
I do like to look nice but one of the perks of country living is that EVERYONE looks the same. Hey, I am stylin’ in my neon lime green rain/mud/barn boots today, my goose “Marwyn” is infatuated with them. I probably should have gotten them in orange so our flappy feet matched. lol

Ironically, I am sick as a dog today and just got in from the docs with an antibiotic for a wicked sinus infection. The irony? I couldn’t believe how good I looked for being so freaking sick today! haha

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I am a natural beauty. I have never been a makeup girl. I’ve always found that while I like the looks of mascara and such, I hate the feeling that my eyes are caked up.

Plus I’m sensitive so when I do put it on I’m itchy. It gives me bad reminders of when I was a clown for Halloween and my mom just gets the makeup on and my face gets itchy.

Its the classic I have my snowsuit on have to pee now in that order syndrome. Always happens 2 me :/

I tried when I was a teen to be that kind of girl and up until a year ago I had long hair, which I always hated. After I cut it all off I found that’s what I like and the cut is not particularly “girly” but faux hawkish. I like to keep people wondering. I have found that I’m sort of a feminine tomboy, (is that an oxy moron lol)

If that doesn’t keep you wondering, I don’t know what will :p

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Same here. I am a natural blonde with blue eyes and sort of resemble Gweneth Paltrow (sp?). I wear minimal makeup. A little foundation, powder, blush and lipstick but I HATE eye make up. It makes me look like a hooker IMO. lol
I think more natural works best for me and I only wear mascara and eye shadow for special evening events.

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I think its all about attitude and confidence.So you must have an approachable demeanor Shippy.

Sure there are days I like to put makeup on I also go out at night with no make up at all. When I dd or go dancing with the girls they always “help” me with my makeup. It can be fun but sometimes I feel like a witch. My eye doctor says I have overly large optic nerves so they always do my eyes up sometimes I feel over much. I have become a fan of bronzer excellent for delineation.

But sometimes not wearing makeup makes me look very girlish. And people make the mistake of overlooking me. I am kinda torn on the whole matter. I haven’t gone one way or the other on this. Sometimes being overlooked or mistaken for young can work to my advantage and since I am not a morning person one less step. But sometimes knowing you look your best can add confidence and make me at least more assertive. Sorta like knowing you have awesome matching undies on even if only you will know they are there.

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I like to see the eyes done a bit, maybe some foundation and a little lip affect. Tammy Faye Baker made me think of “It”

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@Adirondackwannabe OMG! That woman is demon scary!

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@Coloma I think they are selling special anniversary TFB makeup trowels on Amazon.:)

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@Adirondackwannabe Haha…her face would make a good scarecrow. Shit..I bet it would even scare off the coyotes over here. :-p

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When I walk into Starbucks at 7 in the morning on a Saturday and a woman is there with her cap on and a smile, I can easily see she is stunning with no make up.

If another woman walks in and isn’t on her way to work but is dressed in high class casual wear at that time of day, perfectly coifed and made up, I know underneath all that I won’t be attracted to her.

I like natural women, not women in makeup.

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@Coloma I agree 100%. That is also the makeup I wear on special occasions. Everyday wear for me is suntan lotion and colored lip balm with spf.

Best way to keep the skin looking healthy and imho then minimal makeup is needed when your skin looks healthy anyway.

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@Shippy Kissing a glossy lipped women isn’t gross. Just extra slippery and smooth. Lol.

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Sometimes, I’ll even leave the house without heels on! ;)

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No. I wouldn’t go out for an evening out or to the cinema or to go to work without any make-up though. To go to the local shops… no, I can’t be bothered and I like to let my skin breath and be clear of products.

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I wore makeup to the corner bar one time…I was in a theatrical production, that particular performance was a fund-raiser with an exceptionally lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng champagne intermission. I knew it wasn’t professional, but we weren’t allowed to mingle with the patrons, and we couldn’t bring any beer backstage.

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Bert’s lip balm does it for me, no matter where I am.

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I wear makeup about two or three times a year only.

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(I knew that)

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Nope. But then, full face makeup for me is equal to some people’s “natural look”.

If I have a particularly important meeting with customers or look extra tired I put a bit of powder on my face and might put on some nearly nude (light taupe colored) eyes-shadow and a bit of eyeliner just at the corner top of my eye lids. My lipstick is also a matte MAC color that most people think is my natural lip color.. so my “all-made-up” face looks very natural to most other people.

Now that I’m over 40 I have started doing one new bit of “makeup”...
If my rosacea is particularly bad (and most people just think I am wearing blush—but I never do) I might go really all out and wear some BB cream under my Cover Girl pressed powder.

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Nope, I only wear make up once in a great while

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Nope. I rarely wear makep, and when I do it’s usually just a little eye makeup and some lipgloss.

I know a few women who never leave their house without the full pancake and they never wash their eye makeup off at night. They just fix smudges and reapply over it in the morning. WTH? That can’t be good for the eyes…

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Reading this thread has made me realize a few things:

1. I’ve never kissed a woman that had lipstick on. Ever.

2. Half of these things I have no idea what they are. Concealer? Bronzer? Foundation? Powder?

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Nah man, sometimes if I’m out of coffee or milk or smokes when I wake up, I get dressed right away and go to get the stuff. Sometimes I don’t even comb my hair. I brush my teeth and that’s it. I fix myself up later if I believe it’s called for (work or wtv) or if I just feel like it, but I’m not bothered by this otherwise.

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When I was a teenager, I wouldn’t take out the trash without full makeup and hair. Nowadays, I rarely wear any makeup at all.

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I like how I look without makeup but if I’m going somewhere during daylight hours, I always have to wear sunscreen (as everyone should, every day) so I have to put a light dusting of face powder over it to reduce the shine of the sunscreen. The only sunscreen my sensitive skin can tolerate is very shiny and I don’t want to be shiny, so the face powder is a must. When the face powder is on, I then look lifeless without a little blush, a touch of eyeliner, one coat of mascara and some tinted lip balm with SPF. It takes me 2 minutes and I feel polished with this simple look.

If I need to run out in the evening, I do so without anything on my face except the moisturizer I always use.

Now, if I’m going out to a club to hear the band a few of my friends play in, I wear the same simple routine I wear during the day, only a little darker on the eyeliner, 2 coats of mascara (no clumps in sight), maybe a soft lipstick but more likely just another sheer lip balm. Eyeshadow makes me look like I’m trying too hard. I still look natural, though, just more polished.

A male friend told me that over-done eyeshadow “scares the bejesus out of him” while he was pointing out a woman who looked like she was punched in the eye with a paint palette.

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@CardAngelAny sunscreen I’ve tried clogs my pores. Which do you use? I’ve recently found Jane Iredale’s Powder SPF, but haven’t used it much since I’m out for work just as the sun is rising and home before it sets.

The extent of the makeup I wear to look a little more feminine for work is light mascara (dark brown or raisin to bring out the green in my eyes) because my lashes are light brown; a lip stain so my mouth doesn’t look washed-out (which also helps my hearing-impaired patients get lipreading cues when I speak) with a clear gloss over it. On the weekends, I may wear just mascara and clear lip balm if I feel like it.

I find that once in our 30s, most women who wear a lot of makeup look older. Women who have been tanning for years start to look leathery by their mid-40s (especially around the d├ęcolletage). People always guess that I’m 10 years younger, which was a problem in my 30s, since they imagined that I was fresh out of college rather than an experienced professional, but now it doesn’t matter as much.

I dated a guy a while back, and the first time we showered together he said, “You look great even when you’re wet!” It took me a minute to realize that his previous gf was very high-maintenance, and she probably looked completely different when she was undone. Since my friends are also makeup minimalists, I had never thought about how different some women might look, and how that transformation impacts guys – like that first-thing-in-the-morning scare that others have mentioned.

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@hearkat, I use Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30. Everything else I’ve tried stings my face. I’m not acne prone, and I have dry, sensitive skin so take that into consideration. I haven’t tried Jane Iredale’s Powder SPF, only her lipsticks with SPF and that was a few years ago. They stung and dried my lips out terribly because they had peppermint oil in them.

Also, @hearkat , which lip stain do you use? I like the idea of lip stains but I can’t find one that I love.

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No. I put make up on if I am going to be working (where I see lots of customers), if I intend on visiting people or if my boyfriend and I are doing something nice. If I have no real plans for the day other than popping to the shop for grocerys, I don’t bother.

When I wear makeup I only wear it around the eyes (shadow, eyeliner and mascara) and lip balm to stop my lips getting dry or chapped. I don’t bother with lipstick very often and I wear nothing like concealer, powder or blush.

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@CardAngelVincent Longo… they had discontinued it for a while then brought it back. It’s the best I’ve found since The Body Shop stain that I loved was discontinued years ago. Everything turns orange on me, and the Longo “Angel’s Touch” holds true to its color on me. I get frequent compliments on how natural it looks.

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I feel this is a good place to ask a question I’ve wondered about forever. I never wore lip stick or lip gloss so how does it work for a guy who makes out with a woman who is wearing a lot of either one? Does he just accept that he is eating all her lip gloss off? Doesn’t lip stick stain his lips? Or have we come so far in the makeup world that it no longer transfers off her lips? By the way I hate lipstick. Actually lip gloss is pretty silly too.

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@Leanne1986 “popping to the shop” hehe

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@deni I’ve kissed girls and definitely give a thumbs down to lipstick and lip gloss yak! (Maybe even spiky mascara digs into their cheeks loll)

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@deni If she’s wearing lipstick we’re probably dating or in a fairly new relationship. I say if I get to kiss her and make out screw the consequences. She could be wearing anything.

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@Adirondackwannabe don’t women who aren’t dating or who have been in a relationship with you for a long time wear lipstick? :-)

I have to say my husband kisses me when I wear lipstick but I know he prefers to kiss me without it.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@Bellatrix Yes, but I’m referring to make out kisses, not good morning, good night or goodbye kisses. I’m careful not to mess up the lipstick then. :) It’s hot, soft, wet, deep kisses as opposed to a quick smack.

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Again, don’t people who are dating or been in a relationship for a while ‘make-out’? I know I do with my husband! There is nothing like a fabulous kissing session to get the heart and everything else jumping. Your preconceived ideas are showing @Adirondackwannabe!

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

I guess I wasn’t clear. I love a good makeout session. But I don’t expect long term partners to wear lipstick for one of them.

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They may be wearing it to go out – I can’t count the number of times when I am all ready to go out and our departure has been delayed…

Not picking on you but the idea that people in long-term relationships don’t make out or women who have been in a relationship for a long time don’t put lippy on makes me giggle. Not picking on you really!

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… my husband kisses me when I wear lipstick but I know he prefers to kiss me without it.

I can relate to your husband- I also prefer to kiss my wife when I’m not wearing lipstick. ;-)

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@Bellatrix If it makes you giggle then it makes me smile and feel good. Giggle away.

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Nods – yep. I can understand that @Brian1946.

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If I were to wear lipstick on a date I’d be the type of girl who puts it on before the date & if there were to be a make out session it wouldn’t be until after at least a few hours at which time any lipstick of mine would be licked away by none other than myself.

It tastes gross and its another reason why I do not wear it too much. I only occasionally wear colored lip balm with spf as stated before and only as a protecting agent cuz my lips get chapped.

So I’m keeping them smooth for the make out session where I would not be wearing lipstick or makeup :)

I would say that yeah maybe never is when I will wear lipstick for a date.

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@hearkat I had several of the Vincent Longo stains years ago and they did work well. I didn’t know they were available again, so thank you for informing me. I loved The Body Shop’s stain. My favorite was Sephora’s house brand in Auburn which has also been discontinued. Lately, I’ve been using a red “mood lipstick” by Robanda from Sally Beauty Supply as a stain. I apply it very lightly, blot thoroughly and then apply lip balm.

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@deni Sorry, was that incredibly British of me?!??!

Shippy's avatar

@Leanne1986 It is well known the British pop all over, the imagination boggles

Unbroken's avatar

^^Who knew the British were so combustible?!

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@Leanne1986 It sounded British to me yes, I thought it was very cute lol

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I don’t always wear makeup to go out. I do like to have my blue eyes stand out, when wearing makeup and i will wear black eyeliner and black mascara. Both make my blue eye color pop out. I almost always wear a lip gloss. I don’t like dry lips. I hate lipstick. Its too thick. I like to wear lip gloss even when kissing. Some lipglosses have a flavor to them and it adds to the kiss! Xio

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