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What do you like to build?

Asked by demonictruth (455points) November 27th, 2012

I’m thinking about starting a project for the new year, something I can upgrade and modify indefinitely, and was wondering what you guys like to build and/or modify. So, any takers? Machine, wood projects, plastics, etc are all fair game.

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Websites. I’m a web developer. Back when I was young enough to withstand the rigors of carpentry, I liked to build buildings. I’ve also spent many years in mechanical engineering. I designed catapult hydraulics for the Aircraft Carrier John F. Kennedy, truck mounted air conditioners to cool commercial airliners when parked away from the terminal, street sweepers and lots of automated machinery for electronics manufacturing.

During a strike at the street sweeper plant, I also worked on the line as a welder, actually building the steel body frames for the three-wheeled variety, I just plain like to build all kinds of things.

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Speakers. I love pulling apart old ones and using the woofers and tweeters in something new. I build boxes as well. If it doesn’t sound good, make a new configuration. What can I say, I’m odd.

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As a kid/teen, I was into model cars, both ½4 scale display pieces, and 1/10 scale electric R/C cars. The former had me dong all sorts of plastic work, and the latter involved all sorts of things, including more soldering than I care to remember (no other way to get a nice, low-loss connection between the MOSFET speed control and the motor; plugs increase resistance) and suspension mods.

After wasting about a decade between being an electrician in the Navy and doing a series of drudge-jobs afterwards, I got back into CNC machining, and have built everything from audio panels (for recording studios) to parts for rockets. It’s not uncommon for me to have to build my own tools either. This on top of doing my own work on my cars (head gaskets, shocks… but I will not tear apart a transmission!), and occasional carpentry.

I enjoy building all sorts of things. I think my next project may be making a MakerBot or RepRap. They are cheap, and I already know the G-codes to program them (they use the same language as the OKK 50-taper mill and Haas SL-20 lathe I spend most of my workday on) so I could probably be up and running for under $300 easily.

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Layers of historical analysis… The name says it all.

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Not that I have any idea of what’s involved, but why don’t you want to disassemble a tranny?

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I’m a left handed, right brained blonde, I don’t build anything. haha
I did however, design my patio and then had it built for me. I am proud of the design and, the coolest thing of all is I bought 9 panels of antique, solid wrought iron, authentic graveyard fencing with the graveyard gates and they fit PERFECTLY around my patio perimeter butting right up to the deck rails, and I did this by visual alone!

I have a great eye for design but am a total failure with tools and wood. lol

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I love to build costumes and shelves. Just not at the same time.

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BEAM Robots

Some examples of what they are.

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@johnpowell Super cool. Just invent one you can port my sentience and memories into. This carbon unit is slowly wearing out,

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I like to build furniture, and anything else out of wood.

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Lego bricks are awesome!

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