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I wondered if I attached my resume, if any fellow jellies would let me know what they think of it?

Asked by Dsg (1406points) November 28th, 2012

I have been looking for a job for about a year now, and I have had no luck. I know the job market is really bad right now, but I’m wondering if its my resume. Maybe my resume isn’t eye catching enough?

Is there a way to attach it here? Its a saved document that I can send from word or text.

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You could post it online somewhere, and provide a link to it. You could set up a google drive and post it there with public access, so anyone who clicks on the link would be able to see it.

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I don’t have any ideas for how to post it, but I’d be glad to give it a look if you do find a way.

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Do as @wundayatta suggested but be careful not to have your address or any personal information on there!

Google Drive or Google Docs is a good solution.

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@bhec10 You beat me to it! That’s exactly what I was going to type.

My only concern is that I want to be safe and not have my full name, address or phone # on it. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks to everyone for your answer’s already!

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If you want to do it in a very simple way by email, you can get a free account at

It’s the only site I know of where you can just enter stuff by email from your phone; photos, text anything. Easiest I’ve ever used.

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@Daisygurl As long as you replace sensitive information with some random numbers, it’ll be fine. It’s important to have it there, just to see how it will look like.

So your phone number is now 123567890 and you live at 22 Jelly Street.

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What @bhec10 said.

I’d be more than happy to take a look and help wherever I can.

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I would be careful where you post it. Very careful.

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Rather than posting it publicly, I’d suggest sending it to a few people only, either by link or in a PM, after they’ve PM’d you offering to look at it. Still omit the personal identifying information.

Without seeing it, I’d just raise the question: are you focusing on the right thing? Something eye-catching isn’t as important as something that’s a good match for the job you’re applying for.

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For my address, I only list the city.

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@Daisygurl Have you sent it to anyone yet?

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1 person sent me their personal email address. I think I will just post it in here. I left off my private info, so it should be safe. thank you for asking.

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I didn’t have all the areas bolded on my resume, but it showed up here better and it was easier to read this way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I want some criticism! Thank you!!

(This area is usually centered on the paper) Daisygurl
Daisywheel Road | Daisytown, USA | 123–123-1234 | Email:

(I usually have several spaces in between the bolded titles, but I can’t do that here)
Ten years exclusive administrative assistant experience supporting executive management, staff and general office functions

*Administrative:* Schedule meetings, manage staff calendars, screen calls, maintain equipment and supply levels, coordinate travel and create office documentation for efficient operations
*Communications:* Interact professionally with customers, vendors and staff. Known for tact and diplomacy in handling sensitive and confidential issues
*Computers:* Quickly learn and master new technology. Recommend software / hardware upgrades. Train staff members with new systems and software usage


Stay at Home Mother
September 2004 to Present

Primary full-time child care provider
Coordinated all learning and social activities
Managed household finances

UMASS Medical School – Neurobiology Department | Worcester, MA
April 2001 to September 2004

Coordinated faculty recruitment by maintaining files, arranged candidate visits and schedules
Prepared new appointments, promotions and tenure packages
Maintained faculty visa statements, expense reimbursements and financial records
Prepared employee reviews, grant applications, payment vouchers, reports and lectures
Logged weekly attendance sheets into PeopleSoft and monitored employees’ time off

UMASS Medical School – Pediatrics Immunology Dept | Worcester, MA
March 1999 to January 2001

Prepared grant applications, research manuscripts and major presentations
Provided bookkeeping and accounting support for various funding sources
Responsible for accuracy on accounting balances for the physician’s group practice

Liberty Mutual | Dover, NH
August 1998 to March 1999

Independently performed & coordinated a wide range of complex and confidential matters
Maintained the Vice President’s schedule, airline and hotel confirmations
Prepared presentations and weekly / monthly executive-level reports.

Ronson Financial Services | Sarasota, FL
May 1993 to August 1998

Coordinated meeting locations and prepared presentations
Maintained corporate checking account and bank reconciliations
Responsible for quality control with life insurance applications
Administered excellent customer service regarding insurance policy questions


Applications: MS Office 2003, 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook )
Systems: Oracle PeopleSoft HRMS / FMS and company proprietary database systems
Operating Systems: Windows (2000, XP, Windows 7), Mac OS X


ITT Technical Institute | Tampa, FL
Certificate in Executive Secretarial, 1990

St. Petersburg Junior College | Tampa, FL
College Coursework, Sept 1994 – May 1995

Cazenovia College | Cazenovia, NY
College Coursework, Sept 1987 – May 1988


Employee of the Month – UMass Medical School – Neurobiology Dept | June 2004
Administrative Certificate Program – UMass Medical School | 2001 – 2002
Research Administration Training – UMass Medical School | 2001 – 2002

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I was out of work for quite a long time, and when I asked someone for an job, they told me that I hadn’t worked in a long time, and they didn’t know if I could handle a full time job. I’m wondering if that comes up when people look at your application.

Regarding what to do about that, it might be helpful if you could do some volunteer work for someone- someone who would be OK with you bringing your child, or if you only volunteered while he was in school. Even if the volunteer work was part time, it would be something current you could put on your resume, and make you look desirable.

It would be especially helpful if you could volunteer in a position that would use all those awesome job skills.

This is what I have always done, and often I was offered a real job as a direct result of my volunteer work.

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@snowberry Thanks for the advice! It is something to consider.

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I kind of like your resume. I especially like the experience section for the way you demonstrate your accomplishments, although I would like to hear you quantify it a bit. How many candidate files were you managing a year? How many promotions packages? What was the significance of your work to the organization? If you could fill in with items like that, it would make your accomplishments more real.

Similarly, I don’t like seeing the word “quickly” up at the top. You have to earn a word like that. I’d rather see you say that you learn and master new technology, and then lower down say that in doing this project, you were able to learn the new technology in such and such a time, enabling the project to come in this many days sooner or at this lower cost. Prove it. Don’t just say it.

But other than that, it looks pretty strong to me.

Also, for talking about the time while working at home, did you learn new software then? Did you do any volunteer work? Work for the church or neighborhood? Work for your kids’ schools? Did you educate yourself in anything? Did you participate in any social networking sites that stretched your brain and helped you develop better research or writing skills? Did you read any literature that might help you update your skills? Show me that you weren’t standing still work wise, while taking care of the kids. Make it practical, though, not fluff.

Good luck!

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@wundayatta Thanks for the advice! A lot of good points and I appreciate your input. :)

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