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As Ron Paul leaves Congress, what parts of his agenda do you support?

Asked by ETpro (34600points) November 28th, 2012

Ron Paul is a clear libertarian on some issues, and a far-right anti-government anarchist on others. But whatever his beliefs, most of his colleagues and the Washington Beltway talking heads respect him because, unlike so many politicians, he seems to actually say what he believes whether it’s the popular thing to say or now. Here’s a good summary of his beliefs. If you know of others not covered in that link, feel free to link to them.

Of all the positions he has taken, which do you support? Will Rand Paul become the new perennial candidate for President now that his dad seems honestly to be retiring?

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I can think of almost nothing I agree with him on.

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I like a lot of his ideas tbh. He also said he wouldn’t take a salary over the average American if elected. I also agree that the role of government should be limited which to me is what our forefathers intended.

A lot of people really support his legalization/ tax agenda as well, I’m not quite convinced yet. lol

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I support his willingness to legalize marijuana & I support his willingness to cut the budget of the military & I support his willingness to bring home our troops & I also support his intention of trying to arrange an Audit of the Federal Reserve Bank.

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I really do like him, and his frankness, but I can’t find a policy I agree with.

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Nothing, zip, nada. Except for his insistence that Texas can leave the Union. I wish they’d leave before the end of the year.

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@marinelife, @KNOWITALL, @Linda_Owl, @filmfann, @zenvelo & @phaedryx Thanks to you all for responding. I’m going to bite my fingers here and not type out objections to any answer, as I asked for your personal opinions and I’m sure that’s what each of you provided. @phaedryx Don’t take my reticence as a signal you can’t take up specific Ron Paul policy positions with Jellies you are sure actually do support them, or should.

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I would have to print the info out on that wikipedia page to give you a list.

I agree with him on gettng rid of affirmative action in college admissions.

I might possibly agree with some of his national budget cuts, but I would need more specifics.

I probably could be easily swayed not to support giving away medications internationally. That is if it would also lower our prices here at home. But, I am on the fence about this.

It said he supports prayer in school. I am very against prayer led by teachers and administrators in schools, but any child can pray as an individual. It seemed to me the link was saying no child can pray in school?

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@JLeslie I would guess that cutting the program to provide medications to third world countries would increase drug prices, as it would cut worldwide demand for a given drug without doing anything to reduce the major cost factor, R&D. That part of your comment seemed conditional, so I jumped in to comment. The rest are your opinions and I let them stand as such.

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@ETpro By giving I assumed that meant we are giving the drugs away for free and we, the US, are paying for them.

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@JLeslie Correct. I was speaking of government and NGO 501C3 efforts, not PR programs that the manufacturers themselves fund.

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@ETpro Either way we pay, don’t we? Either through our taxes or through paying high prices for the drugs we buy.

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@JLeslie Yes, but I’d rather pay $25 for my prescription and $1 to keep a dozen people in sub-Saharan Africa alive and healthy so they can support their families than just pay $26 for the meds.

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There’s plenty of agreement between Ron Paul and I on paper, but this is what I think of him in practice.

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Some of his foreign policy stances, specifically the fact that terrorism is the country’s own fault.

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I like his foreign policy, as @ragingloli said, and to be honest I like him as a person. I think he probably made a great gynecologist. (and those are hard to find). As a politician, I think his strict opposition to social programs or organized institutions in general is a little on the batty side. I keep remembering his response to Stephen Colbert in which he said he’s opposed to UNICEF. I also agree with @zenvelo – If Texas wants to secede, more power to them. They can build their own border wall and protect it themselves.

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@SavoirFaire Well said.

@ragingloli It’s a bitter pill for most Americans to swallow, but I think he’s right.

@Seek_Kolinahr If Texas did form a sovereign nation, they would be in a war with Mexico in short order as cowboyesque gun nuts would be constantly crossing the border to hunt down “illegals” and drug lords.

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@ETpro Meh. Their country, their choice. It’s as good a way as any to cull the herd. I would of course support an open border policy for anyone seeking amnesty from the apeshit Texans.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That man would have terrified me if he was my OBGYN. He is strictly pro-life. Life from conception. I have had 5 bad pregnancies, and a big fear of mine is to be pregnant (I want to be pregnant, I want kids. Every pregnancy of mine was planned, and every miscarriage and ectopic was a loss) and the doctor or hospital treating me does not view me as the most important “person” to save. Every hospital where I live now is a religious one, can I cunt on the Catholics, Baptists, or Methodists to save my life if my pregnancy becomes very dangerous to my health? Paul is libertarian enough that he feels the federal government should not make law governing abortion for or against, but he fully supports the state’s right to make it illegal.

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I’m in the same boat – one pregnancy, one kid, but it damn near killed me. Literally. In a couple of ways. But an OB doesn’t have nearly the power a politician does. There’s actual backlash available if a doctor doesn’t comply with your wishes. All bets are off if you vote in a Senator.

I love your typo, by the way (cunt on the Catholics, har har…)

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Crap. Another typo. :)

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@Seek_Kolinahr & @JLeslie Excellent discussion. I am mystified by those who claim to be pro-life, but are perfectly willing to let pregnancy kill the mother and her unborn child rather than save one life. That’s just plain crazy.

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I agree with his view on weed.

Dennis Kucinich, he, and I “agree tremendously on international policy”.

Otherwise, I only support the rest of his agenda that leads to his retirement. ;-)

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I like his stances on drugs, noninterventionalism (relating to foreign policy), death penalty, healthcare freedom and a few others. I don’t like his pro-life stance, Ayn Rand style economic beliefs and opposition to federal civil rights laws. However I’ve never seen a candidate that agreed with me on everything, and unlike most other Republican politicians I actually respect the guy. I like Gary Johnson (a similar type of ‘Republican’) better though.

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@Brian1946 & @Paradox25 Thanks. I appreciate your input, and totally agree.

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@ETpro I’m still not sure why many neocons call Dr. Paul an isolationist. I’m also doubtful that those on this thread who said they don’t agree with Paul on any issues, or just one are being truthful here. Despite Paul not being progressive material he is definitely liberal on quite a few issues.

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@Paradox25 because they want to label and marginalize him as much as possible; or maybe it’s because the only kind of interaction they understand with other countries is military action.

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@Paradox25 Good question. I fear @phaedryx second answer is all too often the latter reason.

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@ETpro Well now the authoritarian right has a history of twisting the meaning of terms to support their agenda. They’ve done this with the Bible and religion, so why not political terms?

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