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Hey there, Fluther hipster, what's the best band we probably never heard of?

Asked by jaytkay (25765points) November 28th, 2012

What obscure music do you like?

Also, this is social, feel free to pick on other people’s opinions. Maybe you find some suggestions too well-known or simply no good.

Me first.

Merrill Garbus makes me cry she’s a genius! (skip to about 1:15 in the video for the actual music to begin). Tuneyards!

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Ice Nine Kills :D

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I am not a hipster, but my favorite group most people I know (also not hipsters) haven’t heard of are the Squirrel Nut Zippers. This song is about 10 years old, and represents the high point in their career.

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I don’t know if this band George is still recording but the lead singer Katie Noonan still is and she has the most incredible voice. Neither George or Katie Noonan are obscure in Australia.

I’m never sure if bands are ‘obscure’ or just if I haven’t come across them before and of course, some of the bands that seem very familiar with are Australian bands that you might not have heard of or they might be huge where you are.

I heard this bands music while watching Six Feet Under years ago. The Blue Nile and another of theirs I like The Downtown Lights.

An oldie but a beautiful song with fabulous lyrics from The Whitlams

I could go on for ages but I’m not sure if the bands I have in mind are ‘obscure’ to you and what sort of music you like.

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OK, so far, NONE of this music is familiar to me.

More, please!! MORE!!

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kind of old but, Four Jack’s and a Jill singing Master Jack

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Mark (Diesel) Lizotte is actually an American. This isn’t new stuff but he is under appreciated even here. I will post this and you can search for more on YouTube if you like his stuff.

Kate Miller Heidke.

Clare Bowditch

Megan Washingon I love The Doors but I love her version of Riders on the Storm.

Why these artists – their songwriting ability (Washington also writes her own music), their voices. Just amazing music and talent.

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Hey @Bellatrix I think you might like Dusty Springfield

Is my guess correct? Close? Nowhere near?

Clare Bowditch and Mark Lizotte are blocked by Youtube “in your country”, meaning the US. Well, that earns some hipster cred!

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Damn… Dusty Springfield was my Dad’s favourite artist and at my wedding her version of The Look of Love was one of the songs we ‘tried’ to dance to.

Do a search for them on YouTube and see if there are any ‘available’ options @Jaykay if you like the others. Clare Bowditch is great.

What sort of music do you tend to like? Do you have a favourite genre? I like everything from heavy metal to Dusty Springfield!

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@DrBill Whoa, how often do we hear South African pop in the US? That’s a sweet sunburst Telecaster, too!

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@Bellatrix What do I tend to like? I don’t think they’re obscure, but my favorite current singers are Lucinda Williams and Neko Case.

Lucinda for her songwriting, and Neko for her voice.

But overall what do I tend to like?
The Clash
The Stones
Miles Davis
Nina Simone
Duke Ellington
Elvis Costello
...and countless others…

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Your taste is as eclectic as mine! Love everything on your list.

The “John Butler Trio – Track Zebra”:
“Jebediah – Track Animal”: Fabulous rock track.
“Grinspoon – Passerby”:
“Grinspoon – Chemical Heart”: Love this one.

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With only 483 views on the YouTube page, I guess The Iguanas – Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart isn’t overly well known.

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And I guess I’ll have to do some research into earlier country music to find out what Tom Russell is singing about in The Death of Jimmy Martin.

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The Burka Band

Well, maybe not the best… but I wanted to give them a shout out.

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@CWOTUS The Iguanas song reminds me of Wilco.

For some reason that makes me think you might like Los Lobos.

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I’m a little wary of calling any music obscure on the internet.

Jonathan Coulton (though many people know him from the song he wrote for Portal).

Splashdown (primarily known for being on the Titan A.E. soundtrack).

Morningwood (another song here).

Chantal Claret (the lead singer of Morningwood, now gone solo).

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@JeSuisRickSpringfield “I’m a little wary of calling any music obscure on the internet.” Touché!

Lamb glitchy electronic folk

Chris and Thomas heartfelt indie-folk, sensitive but not whiny

Doves Great 90s band. They sound sort of like a more psychadelic, less pop/rock version of Coldplay, only awesome.

Peeping Tom Mike Patton is well-known, but he’s really prolific and has lots of fun, quirky side projects. Peeping Tom is allcollaborations with artists from different genres (Norah Jones, Amon Tobin, etc.)

Zoe Keating modern cello compositions

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Explosions in the Sky are awesome.

Ital Tek is brilliant!

Gypsy and the Cat is also really good.

Urban Cone another great one.

Poliça I love it.

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Not my normal style of music but The Weeknd is blowing my mind right now.

Also check out niki & the dove and iamamiwhoami.

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New Model Army and Died Pretty

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I’m just giving out GA’s to everyone who has actually put the time and effort to provide links to the songs as well.
Great job everyone, and great songs!

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I’ve just noticed that my first Morningwood link doesn’t work. This is the other song I meant to link to earlier.

And since no one else mentioned them, here are three songs by Cage the Elephant. They’re one of my favorite newer bands, though I’m not sure if it’s likely that you all haven’t heard of them.

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@JeSuisRickSpringfield Love Cage the Elephant, especially the song In One Ear and Back Against the Wall

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I’m on the cover of their live at the Vic album!

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