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My fingers feel prickly (uncomfortable) when I lightly stroke things (people, animals); could this be static?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11161points) November 29th, 2012

It has been happening a lot lately. I will lightly stroke my kitties or my g/f and there is a bit of an uncomfortable feeling. Could it be static?

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Probably static, especially this time of year. My cats are little electrified balls of fur right now.

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Even with my girl? lol

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Of course, we get staticky, too. Is she prone to dry skin? That makes it considerably worse. Better yet, are you prone to dry skin?

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Yes. It’s her back. Makes sense. :)

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This time of year, static. Yes.

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It is most likely static or dry skin. Exfoliate and moisturize also plenty of water intake.

But have you considered peripheral neuropathy? It is a symptom of many underlying conditions. From vitamin defiencies to diabetes.

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It could also be the side effect from a med. Or withdrawal.

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I don’t understand how you aren’t sure whether it is static? Static feels a certain way.

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I think if that’s the closest thing you have experienced to the feeling but isn’t quite it @JLeslie

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In @rosehips’ defense, I associate static electricity with a swift, quick bite, not a prolonged tickly. But we’ve all stroked a blanket that threw up harmless sparks along the stroking path, and that is a little different. (I always bury myself under the blanket to watch the show!!)

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