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Have you ever given up on a dream?

Asked by chyna (39932points) November 29th, 2012

Is there something you have always dreamed of, but life has shown you that you will never get that dream? Do you give up or do you still dream?

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Giving up on a dream is a choice. So no. I have evolved out of them.

Like, I used to dream of being above average height, and having nice hair. My dreams have shifted to being in good shape and getting a hair cut that looks sexy with what I have left.

You don’t need to give up on dreams, you just tweak them so you can still get something. If you explicitly give up you are dooming yourself to failure.

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I gave up early to focus on reality a bit more.

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If I spend all my time dreaming I am accomplishing nothing. I love @Imadethisupwithnoforethought answer, it is a great one. But often I feel like my dreams are too scattered to really accomplish them all or contradictory. Sometimes I confuse dreams for half baked wishes.

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5 years ago, I was on the verge of a lifetime goal. I was going to buy a ***************.
It didn’t work out, and I figured I was a year away from making an acceptable offer.
I then bought a house up north, and there was no room for the *************.
I have given up on buying it, but deep down, I still have enough hope that I refuse to say here what it was, for fear someone else will buy it.

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I have a dream. I’m never giving up on that.

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Haven’t had to yet. I’ve even had a number come true that… either I didn’t consciously realize were dreams, or did not believe could possibly come true! I’ve been very lucky so far.

Wow, I need to tape this response on my wall for when I get depressed.

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Childhood dreams, for sure. Beyond that, I don’t know…I think I just have different dreams. More realistic ones, I guess.

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Well I’m no longer a physics major, which means a great Dr. Mariah discovery is probably not likely at this point. Although maybe I will program the computer that aids the physics professor in making that discovery.

My current goals are more practical and more achievable, which is so much nicer for me in the short term, and I needed that. It’s just that the long term isn’t quite as exciting as it used to be.

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I have had and done so much more than I ever dreamed, that I never think of wanting anything more. I know how fortunate I’ve been. Times are harder now, but my memories are full of extraordinary experiences.

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Yes, numerous times – but then you cultivate a new dream or retool the previous one.

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I have given up on so many dreams, and at this age, it taught me to never give up on them. So I wont. Some obviously are no longer practical. But dreams change like the sun shining through leaves, so they may shift. But they are still there waiting to emerge.Just slightly altered.

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Yes. I really wanted more than one child. My son was born just shy of my 25th birthday; I had a miscarriage a couple years later; then was divorced a few years after that. My next relationship was not stable emotionally or financially. As 35 years of age stated me in the face (and my son was about to turn 10), I knew I had to let that wish go, and just hope to be a grandma one day.

I’m sure it’s even harder for those who never get to have any children, like some of my friends; but still, it was a sad time in my life.

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Dreams are dreams but reality is reality. I have given up a few dreams and now have different, more attainable dreams. At some point, you have to realize it may not happen and change your goals.

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Yeah, I was just about to hump Kelly Brook when the bitch kicked me in the nuts, I woke up then.

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The dream: Helicopter pilot.

The excuse: Getting into a military filght school is near impossible over here (don’t ask), and the civilian courses cost about as much as a small house.

What I have also never taken into consideration is my horrible, paralysing fear of heights xD

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I still have a dream that I can market the idea behind my prototype, but I’m doubtful since I’m not well connected, and corporations have many ways to get around patents they don’t own with slight modifications to them. Some ‘dreams’ I’ve given up on, only because I’d lost my motivation to pursue them further due to either time or newer avenues of interests.

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