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Have you ever been attacked physically?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) November 29th, 2012

I was speaking with a good acquaintance about a week ago and he spoke how he was coming home on the subway when some young man stopped him on the platform to ask if he had change. He said he then felt a stinging then numbing pain on the left side of his face as his left eye started to close. His mouth filled with blood and three of his teeth were knocked from his jaw. He turned to see 5 other young men, one with a bat in his hand that he had just whacked him with. The young man looked stunned and tried to whack him again but he managed to grab the bat from him and proceeded to clear the platform of the young men by opening up a can of whoopass on them. He said all he remembered next was the cops pointing guns at him telling him to drop the bat and whatwas he was doing. He said he remembers telling the cop, “I am trying to kill these young men, but they won’t die”. They tried to charge him as the aggressor, but the fact in the end showed him to be the victim. Have you ever been viciously attacked be it part of a robbery or not?

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Quite often. The most recent one being about 4 or 5 days ago. I was walking to the next town over, when I hear someone yelling in the distance. It was some angry German who wanted me to stop, but I just kept walking as he shouted half incomprehensible things.

As he got close to me he was getting angrier and pointing and shaking his fist, so I hit him before he had a chance to hit me. I then carried on walking to the next town over, wondering what the hell was wrong with him, I had never seen him before in my life.

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Never by a stranger. I was raped on two different occasions, once when I was 15, the other when I was 19, by boys who were supposedly my friends. I was also punched in the eye when I was walking out of my German class during my sophomore year in high school. The girl had heard from an acquaintance of ours that I had called her a bitch behind her back. I did. bitches be crazy!

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I have once when visiting a friend in Stockton, CA back when I was 16. We were walking back to his place along with a couple friends of his from the gym and decided to take a shortcut via levee. There we were assaulted by a gang which had mistaken (I suppose) our party as a gang imposing upon their territory. Perhaps they thought we’d leave if they did a show of force and pulled a shotgun on us. Dear crazy old – and probably suicidal even back then – KP took a wild gamble (he said later that he reasoned that scrawny white kids like the gang we were facing more than likely had either a) daddy’s shotgun snuck out of the house to impress their friends and probably unloaded or b) airsoft shotgun made out to look real. In all honesty, he was probably just itching for a fight then, consequences be damned.) and went in first at the guy with the shotgun out of the blue. Turned out it was an airsoft shotgun with steel bb’s. KP still has some scars from it where he was grazed. Anyway, an all out brawl broke out and with some bruises, bruised ribs, bloody noses, and KP’s partially messed up hand, we went on our merry way after scattering the juvenile gang.

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Not by a stranger. I was attacked by ex with fists and then a hammer. I was also raped when I just turned 18. He was a coworker I have no idea who his friends were I was drugged and can only remember vague details. I told a friend and he called in some favors he told me, could be this guy just pissed off a lot of people. He was beat down with a bat in front of me. Before that I confronted him. I realized he was more scared of me then I of him, he was trembling like a leaf. Got some power back.

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Not as an adult.
I’m pretty wary of it, though, as I never learned to fight.

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One of my ex’s when I was in my early 20’s attacked me a few times when he drank whiskey, other than that he was a nice laid back guy. Needless to say I had his butt arrested and got out of there. I have a really mean mouth though and I think I scare people when I get really angry…lol

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Well, my parents’ hands would sometimes “slip”, as they called it.
And once, when I was 9, a 13-year-old slapped me so hard my lip cracked and bled, all because I was now in the group she had been in before, and the other kids had kicked her out…

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Only once that I can remember, when I was about 13. A girl on our school bus hit me in the face because she said I was flirting with her boyfriend. I had no idea what or who she was talking about, but she broke my glasses.

My parents were very poor and I was afraid to go home because I thought they couldn’t afford to buy new glasses. They found me around 7 pm still at the bus stop, crying.

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A couple times. One of those was ugly to the point that it ended in a draw where we were both were pretty fucked up. Would have been much worse if I hadn’t put in the effort. good times…not.
There is no such thing as escalating a situation as long as you are defending yourself.

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Yes, without further detail. This does make me wonder though how many people are in prison who were not the aggressors in a fight/attack.

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I have, when I was 14, I went to a dance party at the great hall in my (rural) town. It was attacked by bikeies, I was grabbed by my pony tail and slammed in the face. It broke my cheek bone and the orbit of my eye. When I got home, my mother told me I’d gotten what I deserved.

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@jonsblond Did the two boys know each other and what happened to them, any repercussions from their actions?

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@Hypocrisy_Central There was a group of us who all hung out together. A total of 3 females and 5 or 6 males. It was two of the boys. I told a friend of ours who was a cousin of one of the boys and he didn’t believe me. I also told one of the girls and she didn’t believe me. I told no one else after that. If my friends didn’t believe me, who would? I had a dad that was never home and a mom who was preoccupied with my dad never being home. I was a lonely child at times, with no one else to talk to.

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I told no one else after that. If my friends didn’t believe me, who would? Having gotten away Scot Free I wonder how many other girls they moved onto to make merchandise of.

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You hit on a very valid point @Hypocrisy_Central, thanks for pointing it out.

Underreporting sexual crimes is huge for men and women. There are a ton of reasons for this.
The court system puts the burden of proof on the victim as it should, but this often revictimizes the victim.
Sexual crimes are usually commited by people we know and our social group knows, there is pressure to stay silent.
Society often blames the victim, they were coming on to me, have you seen their life style, they were asking for it, etc.
The punishment for these crimes is usually pretty low, a low felony if that, most jail time is suspended etc. Is it worth it?
Im sure their are more reasons.

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Yes- I was physically attacked at ages 17 and 23, and for the last 2 years of my ex-marriage.

The attacks at 17 and 23 weakened me—The attacks were bad, but the aftermath was far, far worse. After being bloodied, the attackers, some family members and my friends at that time successfully convinced me that the attacks were my fault and that I deserved them. That caused more damage than the attacks themselves.

However, the last 2 years of my ex-marriage made me one completely fed up, pissed-off, take no shit, “don’t effin try it” woman. But I’m still tactful. :D

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Yes. Age 5, and later. I’ve retained a background attention to physical threats, and avoiding them.

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@Unbroken Underreporting sexual crimes is huge for men and women. There are a ton of reasons for this.
The court system puts the burden of proof on the victim as it should, but this often revictimizes the victim.
Then the breakdown seems to be in when the courts or the law chooses to believe the victim at face value and when it doesn’t. If the alleged victim was under age, the onus would be on the accused to prove it never happened and could not have happened. I suppose if it is a coed that goes up to a frat party knowing there will be booze and horny guys there, maybe the percent of believe slips way down. Just another example of how the justice system by default can never be fully just.

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