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How likely do people get a job interview through connections?

Asked by chelle21689 (6866points) November 29th, 2012

Limited Brands is offering positions for internships for next summer. I’ve been wanting to work for their company for so long and I seem to fit the requirements. I put in my resume just about a couple weeks ago but still haven’t heard from them.

My boyfriend’s sister works for the HR department and she’s been with them for about 5 years. I know she has some seniority but she’s not a director, manager, or anything like that. She knows how badly I want to work there but hasn’t put in a good word for me. We get along great though.

Should I ask her to try to put in a good word for me some how? I don’t know how she should do it or even to figure out who’s in charge of internships. I have a feeling that getting this job is kind of through who you know because it’s such a big company.

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Have you tried walking into the store and asking to speak to a manager about a job? That’s how I was hired by The Limited a couple of times.

She doesn’t need to be senior to put your resume in front of someone who is. I think you should email her your resume and ask her to pass it along for the internship. See what happens. If she isn’t comirtable doing it she can just lie if she doesn’t feel able to say it to your face. I think ask her.

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It’s not just a store but the actual head quarters for corporate. Lol so I don’t think it’s that type of situation where you can walk in and ask for the manager.

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But, if you walk into a store you could be working in a store and eventually be a manager or apply for some sort of internship. Just a suggestion if you get nowhere applying to corporate directly. Do you want to work in the stores at all? Or, be a buyer? What position do you ideally want?

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Honestly, that’s not what I’m looking for. I’ll be graduating soon and want to take experience in the HR department. I’d rather search else where than work at the stores. Not saying anything is wrong with it, but it’s just that I’ve been at that level for several years and I’m just ready for something more. Thanks for input.

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Is your degree in HR? My husband is in HR. He does very well in the field.

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Connections work amazingly well. Call that friend of yours and ask her if she can help.
You don’t have to be a director or whatever. You can be a janitor. As long as you have a connection with those who are making a decision, then you can inform them of someone you trust. People tend to trust others who are trusted.

Besides that, I would call them to follow up.

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In my case 100% likely. In twenty-six years of working, I have never landed a job by simply answering an ad or submitting a résumé. It has always been through networking, word-of-mouth, or dumb luck.

So yes, you should respectfully ask your sort-of-sister-in-law.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but here is a list of how I got a foot in the door for every gig I’ve had since I was fifteen:
1. Grandmother
2. Family friend
3. Friend
4. Word-of-mouth
5. Aunt
6. Friend
7. Friend of a friend
8. Friend
9. Walked in and asked
10. Professional connection
11. Friend of my wife
12. Same friend as #3
13. Boss from #12
14. Walked in and asked
15. Colleague from #11
16. Boss from #15
Starting at #10, I worked two jobs at the same time.

And those don’t even include the dozens of freelance gigs I’ve done – all found through networking or word-of-mouth.

Remember, a foot-in-the-door through a connection doesn’t guarantee anything. You still have to sell yourself and prove you can do the job.

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In my 20’s there was nothing I wanted more then to work for a movie studio. There were ads in the LA Times every weekend for jobs for which I was completely qualified. I sent resumes and cover letters every single week in response to every single ad. I never heard a word. Finally a good friend of mine asked a good friend of his who worked in HR at Sony Pictures to get a hold of my resume and put it at the top of the pile. I received a call for an interview in less then 24 hours and within a month was offered two different jobs with the company. If you are comfortable doing so, call ask your boyfriend’s sister if she can help you out.

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I wanted to add if you have a reference letter from a professor that could be helpful if you submit it with your resume.

Gve us an update, let us know if she was receptive to helping you.

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“Should I ask her to try to put in a good word for me some how?”
Yes ! Actually what I recommend is to:
Express your enthusiasm for the company, that is a real plus and an HR person who knows you will understand you aren’t BS’ing.
Ask her for suggestions.
Ask for her help to get an interview.

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My boyfriends sister is already reviewing my résumé because she knows what they look for. Last time she has the he director revise her aunts resume for some job (not limited brands) to help out. I wonder if she could do the same. She already gave me a umber and a name to call to ask if the resumes been reviewed but she hasn’t exactly helped putting word for me. I’ll ask her directly if she can, I never directly asked “can you try to out in good word for me?”

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Sit down with her and ask her whether there might be a conflict of interest if she put in a good word for you.

Since you are almost related, there may be company policy. In any case, you can ask her for some good techniques to get your resume to the top of the heap.

Networking is often a means to a good job. Be bold and have a chat with her.

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Yeah, I’m afraid she may not be comfortable referring me for whatever reason it might be. It’s not like I will take her job lol highly unlikely. We’re not almost related not even by law. Plus a lot of inlaws hate their inlaw lol

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As a side note this is a learning lesson for your future. Any time you can help someone get a job who you believe is competent, offer to help. I have several friends who make a point to actively help friends and acquaintes get jobs. We call contacts, give references, give leads. It is a pay it forward favor. A simple phone call or mention is little effort and can be life changing for the person seeking the job.

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@chelle21689: Do you and this woman hate each other? If not, you can certainly ask her for any tips she might have. Is the any chance that she thinks you want her job or have a chance of getting it?

You are not legally related as I said. Do you have any emotional connections?

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@gailcalled The OP said at the top they get along great. They’re both young, the other woman might not realize how this sort of thing works. Asking for tips is a good idea. However, the OP said the other girl knows the OP wants to work there.

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thanks everyone. I will update in another few weeks but by then I doubt anyone will read this lol

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@chelle21689: O, ye of little faith. We’ll be here.

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Call once a week and talk to the person who interviewed you. I assume you sent a thank you card or email immediately following the interview?

If she knows you want it but has no juice in the company, maybe she can’t do anything to help. Just ask her.

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I didn’t get an interview @Knowitall

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