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English: which is correct 'Twenty more minutes' or 'Twenty minutes more'?

Asked by imsok00l (108points) November 30th, 2012

A friend of mine who works at an English teaching school here in Russia was rebuked by her boss for saying ‘I need twenty more minutes, please’, which, she was told, was incorrect because one should say ‘twenty minutes more’. Is her boss right or are both ways of saying it correct (as I’ve always believed)?

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They’re both fine.

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I think either way is grammatically correct.

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Both are fine, of course.

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We can use either of them or else I need another twenty minutes is also correct.

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They can both be fine as longas you are using them in the correct context. You can use twenty minutes more when you are saying “it took me twenty minutes more than you.”

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They are both right; I think the the first would be used more commonly.

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Both are OK, but I prefer the latter.

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They are both fine. Interchangeable.

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“Twenty minutes more” is evil, and anyone that thinks it’s OK should be sterilised.

Alternatively, it might be OK.

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Here is a ballad by Frank Sinatra from 1946. ”....this is the No.1 song for “Big Frank on the U.S. Charts in 1946.”

Five Minutes More

“Give me five minutes more,
Only five minutes more
Let me stay,
Let me stay in your arms.”

One of the slow-dancing make-out songs for high school proms back then.

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I think that “twenty minutes more” is a little more old-fashioned. Maybe it used to be considered the only proper way, but today it is perfectly acceptable, and probably more common, to say “twenty more minutes”.

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@the100thmonkey that’s kinda what their doing… this is the internet isn’t it?

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Yeah, but impressionistic ‘data’ is notoriously unreliable.

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Your friend’s boss is a blowhard. Both versions sound fine and communicate effectively.

Can you even imagine being so bored, and having so much time on your hands, that you make an issue out of something this inconsequential?

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