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How useful would this AI program be to the average Web user?

Asked by WyCnet (184points) November 30th, 2012

As the Web evolves, more sophisticated types of utilities become available. One such utility – an English text markup scheme, programmed by, yours truly, was originally thought out to boost the reading of philosophy tracts. However I noticed the markup can bring out aspects of text, the mind does not readily discern. The dictionary is currently at a level of 6k words, and the rules that govern the markup can be expanded.

There are a few inherent difficulties, like having to paste the text into the text box before sending it up to the server. Also a small dictionary base does not help in all domains of discourse.

How useful is this sort of evolving technology to the layperson? Will it be useful to those trying to learn English, or can it help high school students get a grip on new material?


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