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Is is just me, or are Republican's losing their minds?

Asked by Dutchess_III (35264points) November 30th, 2012

Most recent, they’re throwing fits over the Obama and family taking a vacation in Hawaii. The total cost is going to be $4 million dollars. Yeah, lots of money, but the Republicans are screaming that the taxpayers are paying for all of it…which isn’t true. What we’re paying for is the security. The Obama’s are paying for the beach house they’re staying in out of their own pocket…if I remember it’s like $3,500 a day. And I imagine they’ll pay for their own entertainment. Hey…they’re millionaires!

Why are some people having such a problem with this?

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The Republicans are ‘projecting’ their actions onto the Obama’s – this means that if they were taking a vacation, they would try to find someway to make the government pay for it. Clearly, the Republicans have lost their minds & are out of touch with reality. Hopefully, the fact that they have lost their minds, will come full circle & it will bite them in their posterior as they try to push President Obama ‘off the fiscal cliff ’ !

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I always wonder if they look at the typical daily costs of security for the President when they point out how much it will be while on vacation. Every day the American tax payer is paying to secure the President, not just while he is on vacation.

I am all for looking at how the money is spent for these things whichever President or public official to make sure we are not spending more than necessary. But, it can’t be one side, one party, that is unnacceptable. Obama’s vacations might cost a little more since he has to travel to the middle of the pacific ocean to go home LOL. From what I can tell he has visited home much less often than say President Bush. I have no idea if the money comes out to be the same in the end? The President does get an expense account, I am not sure the rules for what he can spend it on. I think it is around $50k.

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As a Republican, I can admit that much of this is being blown out of proportion by the ‘talking heads’, sour grapes some would say. Obama, from what I read, is in the middle when it comes to numbers on vacations as President.

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