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Why does skin do this?

Asked by GoldenDaysAreBest (75points) November 30th, 2012

Throughout the mornings my face looks bright and glowing and healthy and moisturized.

But then afternoons come and my face would turn to discoloration and it will look dark and dull.

Example: My cheeks would be lighter at the higher parts of it. But the lower part of my cheeks would be dark..? It would look unhealthy.

How do I keep it from doing this? How do i keep it glowing throughout the whole day? What causes this?
I’v tried moisturizing and i’m using proactive. I started like a month ago. But this problem has been happening since i could remember. Is it the food? Anything you know will help :J

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Are you drinking enough water? Just asking cause most people don’t, and that can really quickly affect the appearance of your skin.

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@deni Well, I did start drinking a lot of water about three weeks ago. Like a bottle a day. But so far the affects are having to go to the bathroom WAY more than I usually would. Will it take a while for the affect of your body to change because of water?

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@GoldenDaysAreBest : Welcome to Fluther. How much is a “bottle” of water? That doesn’t sound like alot, unless you’re talking about a water cooler sized bottle! People have always told me I have good skin, and I think it is because I was raised to drink a lot of water. 8–10 glasses. I assume it is a gradual thing and that you will see the effects over time.

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@GoldenDaysAreBest Yeah a bottle of water a day doesn’t seem like much. You should be drinking at least twice that and actually more. I think @bookish1 is right it’s gradual and you’ll see the improvements over time the more you drink.

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Actually the water was my first thought too but usually we start out the day dehydrated and become more hydrated later on. You can tell by the color of urine, lots of color means dehydrated less and less means hydrated.

There are lot of things that effect skin. Environment, food, activity level how frequently and what we put on the skin. I am wondering though whether proactiv is not drying out the skin more then it is moisturizing it. Too much stripping and not enough or long enough lasting cream, that protects and locks in moisture. Also moving around, increasing blood flow should stimulate your cells and give you a healthy glow.

Some foods that nourish skin are olive oil, avocado’s, anything with omega’s in it etc.

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Welcome to Fluther!
I agree that 1 bottle of water isn’t much. I constantly have a 32oz cup from the convenience store with me, and I fill it up with water 2 or 3 times a day (and ice.)

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THANK YU! ALL OF YOU. I think exercising will give me glow and so can water and good foods and… well ALOT of water. But thank you so much

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Glad to help. Good luck, and enjoy Fluther if you stick around :)

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