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What do avid past flutherers do to fill the void that Fluther left behind?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) November 30th, 2012

This has come up in several questions lately. That the more mature Flutherer’s move on.

I want to know what they move on too, So this is to the lurker’s.

Just curious. What is more exciting? What is the next step?

Care to share?

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Maybe they go to the ‘Knock up Shop’ where they have bits that get used on newer models. You know like on cars. Then finally get squished into small squares?

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Some of us still hang around and harp on the misuse of the apostrophe.

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Lol @gailcalled, really. That is fantastic, do you also edit books? Shippy et al have one in progress, by the by, where did that one go?

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Who’s Al?

I edited essays for juniors and seniors in high school for so long that I now twitch uncontrollably whenever I see “it’s” instead of “its” and similar confusion of possession for the plural (if you get my drift).

Where did what one go?

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I spent more time on Facebook and Reddit. I’m really not sure why I came back, as the reasons that I left Fluther in the first place haven’t changed. I think I gave myself enough time to remove some attachment to the site and the users, and coming back (somewhat) anonymously has made it easier to just roll my eyes rather than involve myself to the point that I am fed up enough to want to leave again.

Other jellies that I know who have left the site (and haven’t returned) also Facebook more. I don’t know about those who have left for reasons other than being displeased with something about the community, perhaps those that have taken a big step away from the entire internet, for example.

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I’m not sure about whether there is a next step. I am sure I feel better now having not being here. And the interaction I had here today proves why it was a good decision.

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@gailcalled I do get your drift. Et al. Emphasis on the period. I am having flashbacks even my teacher’s weren’t as relentless as you. : ) I do catch your drift. I am afraid I am mostly hopeless. But you are welcome to keep trying. I even bought a grammar book and enjoyed it.

@Shippy‘s pass a long Christmas romance/horror/something else novel/question, seemingly disappeared.

@DigitalBlue I’m tired of Facebook, besides too many people on it. I had reason’s to add work and associates. So it is a revolving door apparently.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir Sorry to hear that. The ideal never withstands reality but I’m not giving up trying.

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I am thrilled to welcome you back and hope that you will hang around.

@rosehips: My role is not to be your editor, unless you really beg.

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I spend more time with my family.

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Lifting and boasting my bravery on le reddit. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I go outside. It’s a pretty good replacement.

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Oh, since my last time being a regular here, I’ve becoming actively involved in the Providence Africana Reading Collective, which I am a core member of (I’ve been called a co-founder, but I find that innaccurate). The group discusses texts, films, and other media in terms of radical liberation-based education, as well as plans community action. If you thought Fluther had a relatively high level of discourse, you’d be blown away by PARC. And if you’re one of the Flutherites who complains about how liberal the site is, your head would explode.

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Personally, I don’t like FB nor use other social sites. I literally just spend a lot less time online. My cooking has improved though.

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Did you find the recipe for roasted small organic Japanese white turnips? They’re a treat.

@marinelife’s Q is ostensibly about turkey soup but morphs into turnips and other stuff.

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@jonsblond family time for me is friend time. But it is good
@incendiary_dan I do love the outdoors. Just frostbite makes cold less then friendly
@gailcalled will have to check it
@zensky my enthusiasm for cooking always fails when dishes come around. But good for you. Been trying to do curries and other foreign dishes.

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Oh and maybe I will bookmark PARC though I have feeling I spend too much time online.

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My departure coincided with the advent of my friendship with my fiancé. Once we moved, I didn’t really have a computer of my own, but now I have an iPad and a laptop to use. So I that have better means to access Fluther, because I do have difficulties typing my long responses on the iPhone. I can’t describe the frustration of typing furiously and having several paragraphs, only to overshoot the O-key and hit Done but not realize it until you’ve already tapped where the next key should be, but now it’s a link and then everything is lost.

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@hearkat My sympathies. I use mostly my phone as well. It makes things like grammar, rereading, occasional disappearance of answers and long answers quite frustrating not to mention links. Interestingly enough I can’t read my own questions after I submit them from my phone, I broke my newer one and when I moved to the older one, which is glitchy. in search of new phone.

But very glad you are back on and present!

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Awwwww… thanks, @rosehips!

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I didn’t go to another site, I just didn’t come here. Just continuing my long transition into a hermit.

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Walking the boardwalks and eating hot fudge sundaes. Ah – life was good pre- Sandy.

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@hearkat : )
@mrentropy You sound like my best friend. Well good luck with that.
@janbb boardwalks and hot fudge sundaes do sound idyllic. It will come back. Have faith!

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@rosehips I truly believe it will.

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@rosehips Thank you :) I’m already in the process of creating a hermit support group. There’s a magazine out for hermits already, so that’s covered. I’m hoping to get a hermit convention going, also, sometime in the future.

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@mrentropy So you’ll know it’s a success if no-one shows up?

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@janbb I suppose that would be a good indicator. At least I won’t blame my lack of deodorant.

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hmm maybe a teleconference might be more in order.

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Hermits, unite!

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Porn mostly.

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