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Is there a way for returning jellies to catch up on what's happened since their hiatus?

Asked by incendiary_dan (13352points) November 30th, 2012

I mean, besides asking a question like this.

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Just how long a hiatus are we talking about?

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In my case, since the first week or so of August.

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An exhausting project. The big topic was hurricane Sandy and how it affected many of us.

Lots of “What does my dream mean?” and “Does he like me?” questions.

Co-owner Ben got married in the middle of September.

(Oops. I forgot to mention the politics of the summer and autumn and then finally the election.)

How to make turkey soup, how to shave or not female pubic hair, the difference between it’s and its, irresponsible medical advice, thoughtful legal advice, and the usual turmoil.

I am glad to see you back, Inc. Dan.

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Mmmm, soup. I made a neat turkey “white chili” last week. Homemade stock and everything.

I just noticed that Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard’s account isn’t active any more. Name change, or left? I always had fun with him.

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Hey, ID, good to see you!

I was talking to a part-time teacher friend the other day.

And I told her about this cool guy I know from the Internet who turned his natural interests into something of a job by teaching kids outdoors skills.

Is that still happening?

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Sometimes. This season my classes didn’t enroll at the school, so I’ve only been teaching my abridged adult workshops, which are only suggested donation events. Otherwise, I’m back to part time wage-monkeying. I did do a cold-weather overnight just a couple weeks ago with a bunch of kids. That was fun, though I kept sliding off my pile of leaves in the night and waking up with a sore hip. Oh, and I did teach an Emergency Preparedness class right before Sandy made landfall.

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Sorry man. We were so upset at your being gone we burned the #$%&% place down while you were away. All the records of what had happened in your absence were lost in the fire. :-)

Hey, good to have you back. I completed this Emergency Preparedness Supply site while you were gone. Made me think of you, but you weren’t here to dole out free advice.

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Nice to have you back, @incendiary_dan! Obama won, just in case you didn’t hear about that. ;)

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Sup man, glad to seeyou back! Yeah…about all that went down in your absence. Unless you’re willing to read through heaps of jokes I might make about fighting off zombies or something, then I’m afraid your best best is to sift through the site and peoples’ questions and stuff…as you know, Fluther doesn’t really have any kind of archive feature…but probably a lot of people can point out certain things that went on and all. Like we had a contest where whoever asked the most questions (I think that was the rules) got a free Fluther shirt.
Also about The Bastard, he left of his own accord. If you got a FaceBook, he can tell you more.

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When you said jellies i thought you were referring to the shoes. Then i thought how cute this guy is excited about plastic shoes. I am new here, so i will get it together, but i thought it was pretty funny.

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The skirmish in the ME garnered 45 responses here

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When I came back from a two-month hiatus, I didn’t even try to catch up. I just looked for updates on how things were with a few people and otherwise let the rest go.

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WB ID, I wondered where you were, I missed your perspective a bunch of times.

Fiddle is still on facebook, I miss him in here too.

So many have flown the coop, but new ones are always appearing.

@gailcalled forgot to mention the question about whether or not it is safe to eat mayonnaise that was left out of the fridge overnight, that was a goodie!

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Anal tosspots continue to ply their wares across these pages, to the general amusement of the masses.

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Good to see you back ID! Now we need iamthemob and we’ll have all our anarchists back in place.

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After I came back, I said to myself: I wonder what’s been going on?

The answer seems to be: not a lot.

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^^yep. Took me 20 minutes to peruse the questions I missed after a 3 month hiatus.

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