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What is your favorite knick knack?

Asked by chyna (39930points) November 30th, 2012

What little knick knack is in your home that you really like and why?
I have a little statue of a boxer dog in a red hat and feather boa. I love it because it reminds me of my aunt who is in the “red hat” society. It’s a group of women who aren’t afraid to express themselves by wearing bright colors. I also have an Emmett Kelly clown that my brother bought me so it is very special.
What knick knack, whether tacky or beautiful do you want to tell us about?

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Oh, man. I have too many to pick just one! I love the antique tin baby cup that has “Darling” engraved on it in a pretty script. It makes me smile every time I see it. Then there’s my favorite N (crap, the link only takes you to the “A”, but you get the idea.) I have a little rock that has “freedom” engraved on it, and it means a lot to me.

I know I’m forgetting stuff, but that’ll do for now. ;)

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Oh god I love knick knacks!!!!!!!!! My favorite will forever be a set of cats I got in a thrift store in Hurricane, Utah the first time I ever visited what later became my favorite state out of the fifty. They are these 2 little cats, made out of something very light. They look the same, are both wearing red overalls and I think they’re painted yellow and they have cute faces and they’re in the seated position. There is a couch that goes along with it that’s pink with stripes on it I think? It’s so fucking cute. It just makes me happy. But I have a million knick knacks and could probably make a top 20 list if the occasion arose.

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I also have Mario and Princess Peach salt and pepper shakers that I made in high school that I just have around as little statues. They are AMAZING!

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The little Parisian man who completely imprisoned my heart and whom I would like to beat the shit out of right now, made me a giraffe out of the metal casing around the top of a champagne bottle.

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Is a PS3 a knick knack?

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I have two old soldering torches, one gasoline fueled the other alcohol fueled. They are the kind you see int h Marx brothers or Three stooges from the 1930’s.
I like them because they are engineering marvels with a nice combination of metals brass, steel, cast iron, “pot metal” all in one package. They are functional, built to last forever and are so incredibly dangerous I am afraid to light them.
Even though I rebuilt them and know how, I have never lit either one. I cannot think of any other dangerous piece of equipment (chainsaw, handgun, table saw, backhoe, etc.) that I am afraid to operate.
They sit on the shelf and secretly show me my limit.

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So many to choose from.
I think my favourites are the little golden Buddhas.
I think they would count as knick knacks.
They just seem to lift my spirits when I go to visit them or just walk past them.

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Here are two of mine. The Steuben crystal apple I took from my mother’s apartment after she died several years ago; and the twisted metal dung beetle and his ball of dung, was brought back from Zambia by my daughter. (And whatshisname in the background counts when he is sitting very still, which is most of the time.)

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Oh man, I was druthering when I posted here last night… I don’t actually want to beat the shit out of him, but he needs a good slap. But the giraffe is still my favorite knick-knack.

I also have a collection of beautifully painted acrylic dinosaurs of which I’m quite fond.

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I have an abhorrance to dusting and clutter. Nevertheless people give you gifts. And someof them are quite good.

Even if they are not there is the guilt associated with not keeping them especially if they frequently come over.

I have an orange and yellow queen sized afgan my sister made for me. The colors are brillaint and it always looked out of place. But now I have a papaya living room wall and it goes brillaintly.
A hand painted striped mug I have never drank out of but used for my collection of pens markers nail files paint brushes or what have you over the years.
A soap stone statue of two figures dancing, given to me by an ex but we are still friends and I like it.
A windchime handmade by someone I mistakenly thought of as a friend. Made out of shards from the desert.
A burl vase that a woodworker made for me, it is lovely.
A stone tea pitcher that my sister gave to me. I have a tea fetish and though I rarely use it for tea it makes a lovely vase or cookie jar or just a lovely figure.

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I also detest dustin, and thus have nearly no knick-knacks… in fact all I have are the ones I made myself: a glass candle holder that casts colored shadows when lit; and a round glass paperweight that’s about 3.5–4” in diameter. I made it at a glass place where you choose the colors, the workers fire the glass, and tell you how to shape it, and then they put the clear glass around it. I’ve always loved glass marbles and if I were to collect knick-knacks, it would be glass globes like that. Now that I’ve made one, I appreciate the craft that goes into it… it’s quite difficult!

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@hearkat : What did Dustin ever do to you? ;)

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@bookish1: Dagnabit! It originally said “dustings” (I’m a lousy typist), so I thought I deleted the ‘s’ when I edited, but apparently I hit the backspace one too many times (thereby proving what a lousy typist I am). D’oh! >_<

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I just remembered another one that is near and dear to me: a handmade stone pipe made for me by a long-absent jelly, @whatthefluther. He carved my old avatar into it, and I love it.

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@augustlan I forgot that I had one too! Thank you for reminding me. And he carved my real name and Chyna in it. A beautiful piece of work.

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@augustlan & @chyna Inquiring minds want to know if you’ve used the pipe? ;)

We have one with the RAR logo. His carving trumps any other knick knack we have in our house.

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@jonsblond Great question!

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@chyna They make great paperweights, don’t they?

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@jonsblond They do. And a great addition to my mantel along with my cherished pictures.

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Haha, no, I’ve never used it. I haven’t smoked that substance in years and years! It just sits on my bookcase, a lovely little reminder.

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