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Why is my laptop's sound not working?

Asked by sgrob (90points) December 1st, 2012

It was working before but suddenly when I was playing some music it suddenly stopped. It comes back when I restart the laptop but doesn’t last very long. I’ve tried different players but it still won’t work.

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It would be helpful if you include the make and model of your computer, as well as the Operating System you are using.

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It’s an ASUS X52F and I’m using Windows 7. Thanks for telling, didn’t thought of that. Haha.

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Update your device driver software is the only thing that comes to mind.

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Right click on the “My Computer” icon. Go to properties. This should open another window up, on the left side click on Device Manager. On that list you should see Sound, Video and Game controllers. Under that tab should be your audio device in your computer. Right click and hit update.

Do you see any yellow explanation marks anywhere in the Device Manager list?

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@uberbatman No, there aren’t any yellow explanation marks. I just tried to update it before writing this and it said that the best driver software is already installed.

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Did you install anything new recently around the time the sound stopped working? Maybe do a system restore to back when you know the sound was working. That may solve the issue.

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is it possible you held the blue FN key at bottom and hit one of your arrow keys on keyboard to minimize the sound to the extreme low, or even muted it? Also, get a headset, and test your audio port, see if you can hear sound in those. (this tests if it’s an audio issue on your mobo from drivers or what not, or just an output issue). If you can hear sounds in the headset, then your probably having an issue with the default output being the speakers on your laptop possibly. Lots of things that could be wrong here, including installed programs that use the sound on bootup. Try restoring the computer back to an earlier date to see if that might resolve it as well.

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@uberbatman Hmm.. I think there were just these recent updates on Adobe and Java. Do you think those might have caused the problem? I’ll try doing a system restore. Thanks!

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@Magnizz Yes, it does work on headset/earphones. Without those, it just works for a short while and then it stops producing any sound. Yeah, I’m getting there; I’ll try a system restore. Thanks!

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You can check the sound settings on your computer because may be accidently you press some key and some sound setting for speakers got changed.If retsores doesnot work, then you can reinstall sound drivers.

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