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How to get the original owner of an old 1908 license plate?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) December 1st, 2012

I was wondering if you can actually find who owned an automobile from an old license plate?

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@silky1 Yes you maybe able to contact the local historical society. I know there were not a lot of cars registered in 1908.

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Google around by state.

I found this Illinois site.

18,500 cars are registered with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office.

Here’s some info for 1907 for Illinois from the same link.

“Sidney S. Gorham of LaGrange is issued license plate number 1, and Henry W. Austin of Oak Park is issued licence plate number two.”

“To satisfy the demand for low numbers, plates with one letter and a number up to 20 are issued. Numbers A1 and A2 are issued to Robert D. Clarke of Peoria.”

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As you research, I hope my name doesn’t come up…. ;)~

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