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How does an individual successfully market themselves online? I have an Avon website as well as making an attempt to sell my art. Guidance would be appreciated. Thank you in Advance.

Asked by nyssa (1points) December 1st, 2012

Hello, I have a website, http://nradekopf.avonrepresentative.com/ , If you can look at the website and perhaps give clues on how to market it. Plus I an am artist and would like to market my art work. I am void of any business acumen, but am willing to learn and take advice. Leads, websites. I do offer deals, such as free gifts with orders and referrals, but I feel it is not creative enough. business requires a different type of creative thought. I hope to develop this. business interests me, but I need guidance in the direction to take. In other words, I need to wake up the Left side of my brain, so to speak. Thank you in Advance for any assistance.

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