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Do you need a jelly craft to while away your time?

Asked by DaphneT (5728points) December 1st, 2012

Perhaps you could color this.

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If only I were a better artist…

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Sweet. But I did rather make a shitty Paint drawing of me as a Viking.

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I love Symbeline. She makes the sunshine cry, and she makes insects want to fiest on rodents.

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I made this years ago when I first got my Wacom tablet. Unfortunately I never got any better and gave the tablet away.

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Love it Symbeline!

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I was trying to find a picture the Dr J pumpkin carving I did 4 years ago but I can’t seem to find the image anywhere.

Edit: Though I did just find this really creepy 3d version I made in Spore 4 years ago

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Nice Uberbatman

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Thanks guys

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