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Seriously, how do we thank veterans who have now been physically disabled in recent wars for their srevice?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) December 1st, 2012

My father has was horribly disfigured in war, mentally and physically. I am profoundly worried about our current defenders. what do we provide for them, and what should we?

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One thing I don’t do is discredit their service. That seems to be a Republican strategy, i.e. swiftboating.

I like the keywords, but I honor our veterans by using spellcheck

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If the OP Is serious, the last tag is truly disturbing. I am flagging this.

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I am serious @gailcalled I don’t mind having the tag removed, but I remember my father crying at the way he was treated when he came home.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought We can start by not electing any politician who tries to win office by discrediting the service of a combat veteran. We can ditch politicians and political parties that beat their chests in public about how great our veterans and first responders are, but then filibuster any attempt to do anything for them. Do I have to name names?

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By ensuring they are treated with respect and care and get the medical assistance/support they need. We can support politicians and lobby groups who are fighting for the implementation of initiatives that will help them to be able to re-enter society and in a meaningful and useful way (from their perspective). In a broader sense, these are likely to be initiatives that would assist anyone living with some form of disability. For instance, ensuring access to buildings and public spaces. Equal access to education. We can support organisations that work to improve the lives of our returned soldiers.

I also don’t understand your last tag @Imadethisupwithnoforethought. It makes no sense to me.

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—@Bellatrix take it right off then. I tconsistently you view as a fair person, if you don’t see what I see what I do right away mod me—-

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Vote out the fuckers that did this.

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@Bellatrix :: I think the tag means that only about one percent of the citizens serve in the military. So it does work but it doesn’t really help to achieve the goals that the tags set out to solve. Which is to help people find questions that are tagged with something. Nobody will ever search for it.

But is legit and I am not really sure what Gail’s problem is.

At any given time in the past decade, less than 1 percent of the American population has been on active military duty, compared with 9 percent of Americans who were in uniform in World War II.

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@johnpowell Amen to that. Americans tried to do just that in this past election. Congressional democrats won the majority of votes. But thanks to Republican gerrymandering, the House remains in Republican hands. It’s going to take a lot more Americans waking up to what’s been going on.

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Thank you @johnpowell. Appreciate the explanation. Very interesting stat.

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