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Do you ever splash water on your face to calm down or compose yourself?

Asked by JLeslie (54594points) December 1st, 2012

I see it on TV shows and in movies. Something distressing happens and the person excuses themseves to the bathroom and splashes water on their face to help compose themselves.

I can’t imagine women do this? Most of us have some sort of make-up on. I wonder if anyone really does it?

So, I am curious what gender you are and whether you do it, and if you do do it, what do you get out of it? Were you taught it by a parent? Saw it on TV? Read it in a book? Or, just felt compelled to do it.

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No. I have never done this. I do carry an atomiser to spritz my face with on hot days but no, I would not splash water on my face to calm down. I might dab my face with some cold water if I have been crying (doesn’t happen often) to try to repair any damage and sooth any red eye issues.

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I might dab, but never splash. Getting a little cold water on your face can help break an unhealthy emotional cycle, like when you’re anxious/verging on a panic attack.

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Man here. When you’ve had a particularly “long” day (as in tiresome mentally, not necessarily long in duration) a few handfuls of cool water on your face can feel very refreshing, calming even. I never do this when other people are around since, after watching far too many movies I suppose, people expect you to only do this when something utterly tragic happens, or think you’re being dramatic for no reason xD I hate tv because of what it does to people’s perceptions of reality…

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I had no idea why people do this, and I grew up in the tropics.
Water only goes on my face if I’m washing it!

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I’ve done it. I don’t usually wear makeup.

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I see that in movies all the time too, usually followed by a long look at oneself in the mirror. I’ve never washed my face then looked at myself in order to relax or calm down though, although I understand that, in movies, it’s an action done by characters to symbolize just that. But I do wonder where they figured this if nobody ever actually does it lol.

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No, never really done this. Like others have said, water goes on the face if I’m washing it. If I’m trying to compose myself, I usually try to take a couple of deep breaths and remove myself from the situation.

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Each and every morning I go to the bathroom sink and splash copious amounts of cold water in my eyes and face to help to wake me up. But I have never done that to calm me down.

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I do it on really hot days or mid exercise.
But if I am public I wet a washcloth or a towel. I love it for eye fatigue , tiredness and headaches… I have never done this as emotional thing though.

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I don’t even like to do it to wash my face. I wash my face in the shower the majority of the time. At night I remove my makeup with one of those makeup wipe thingies, then rinse the same wipe and use it once more to go over my face. Unless I happen to be taking an evening shower, but usually I shower in the morning.

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