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Your messy keyboard?

Asked by Cardinal (2921points) June 6th, 2008

What have you spilled on your keyboard recently? What is it about the liquid, such as coffee or orange juice or beer or what have you, that actually ruins your computer keyboard. Or, so I hear it does.

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Nothing! I am paranoid and do not let food near my laptop. The mere thought of something spilling on any keyboard makes me cringe.

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I use a 9$ Belkin keyboard. I can’t say that I really care if it gets damaged. I have a few spares sitting around.

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I hear you can put them through the dishwasher (without the dry cycle) and then let it air dry until completely dry and it works good as new. I have no suggestions on typing in the interum.

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well, like PnL, I’m pretty careful about what gets near my $80 Logitech G15 keyboard. Its got an LCD monitor on it and I’m pretty sure that that little handy piece will be rendered useless after a can of soda (kept in the brand new USB soda can fridge you bought off of thinkgeek) spills on it…

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I’m fine with food getting close to my laptop, but I have a separate table for my drinks.

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I recently spilt a glass of lemonade on my laptop keyboard. In a panic, I ripped off half the keyboard and mopped up what I could. Some got on the touchpad too, but that held up alright. I managed to get most of it clean, put now the left side of my keyboard is slightly sticky, and the tab key is really stiff because I can’t put it back on properly… oops! =P

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