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What else can I eat for breakfast besides eggs?

Asked by marinelife (61742points) December 2nd, 2012

Inspired by a question of @bookish1, I need some ideas for high protein, low carb breakfasts that don’t involve eggs.

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Smoked fish with cream cheese on toast or one a them newfangled thin bagels
Peanut butter on the same
Shakes/smoothies (can add protein powder)

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Every morning have oatmeal (with raisins & walnuts) and a smoothie (banana, yogurt, orange juice, blueberry).

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sausage, bread and mustard.

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Low-carb, people. Rules out breads and cereals.

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I posted some ideas in the previous thread, @marinelife.

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re: Low-carb and my comment

You could skip the oatmeal

Or you could eat the oatmeal. Low carb does not mean NO carb.

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There’s actually nothing you can eat at another time of day that you couldn’t also eat for breakfast. If breads and cereals are out, how about cottage cheese and fruit? or slices of lean meat and some raw spinach? or half an avocado and some chicken broth? or some cheese and an apple?

For years my breakfast consisted of five thin water crackers and a small bunch of red grapes. I’d have a light lunch, often a salad with minimal dressing, and in the afternoon a snack of a cup of raw baby carrots and some vanilla yogurt. For supper I included a strictly limited amount of rice or plain potatoes. I lost weight.

I also got to like those small red potatoes, boiled whole with the skin on, enough to keep a little bowl of them in the fridge from time to time just to grab as a snack. Carbs, yes, but better than a sugary muffin or a bag of chips.

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Then replace the bread with another sausage.

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Toast with a thin spread of your favorite preserves, jam or jelly and covered with large curd cottage cheese. Fast, delicious & nutritious.

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Quinoa flakes(quinoa is a seed)
with nuts or seeds berries.

Fruit and peanut butter/almond butter.

Juicing vegies with some chia hemp or flax seed thrown in.

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A toasted bagel with jelly and cream cheese. Oh em Gee.

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Bacon and cheese.

Pour the bacon fat on bird seed and put it outside as suet for the birds. Or pour it on meat scraps for the other critters.

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For a long time I used to have a hefty slice of extra-sharp cheddar cheese, followed by an apple. I gave up the cheese to cut fat and calories, but it was a very enjoyable breakfast. Other than that it seems to suit your criteria.

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In Europe when I stay at hotels there (at least in Germany and the Netherlands) their cold breakfast often includes cold cuts and bread, so I’d make myself a nice, light ham sandwich and have that with some fruit. You could skip the bread and just have the ham; I’ve done that before, too.

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BACON and saUSAge,

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I like cereal so I stick with minimum serving of low gi stuff. ½ shredded wheat biscuit with a hit of all bran, then add yoghurt, some fruit, I chop up almonds, sometimes add cottage cheese instead of yoghurt. Top with mostly soy milk and just a dash of low fat regular milk.

It is not no carb but it is good carbs and satisfies my head and my body.

We try to have our big meal at lunch, usually some sort of fish or meat and a couple of vegs. I stir fry the veg with olive oil, garlic powder and soy sauce. Makes them much more interesting than steamed or boiled, so again my head is happy.

Supper is usually just a salad with some cheese, low fat of course or sometimes something like san choy bau only I use chicken and skip the corn flour.

I know you asked for brekky but this is a good way to eat the entire day.

Have you looked at The Food Tree, it is a very good way to lose weight initially and then happily maintain after you reach your desired weight.

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I’m a yogurt addict and also a peanut butter addict. Yogurt with fresh fruit and PB on toast with honey or jam.

Oatmeal flavored as you like it, with a cup of yogurt or low/non-fat milk.

Bagels with creme cheese, fruit, real cheese. Swiss, Gouda, Cheddar.

You can melt lean ham and cheddar on a bagel or tortilla in the microwave and have that with fruit.

You can buy a flavored protein whey powder and mix with juice or milk for an extra protein boost. I love GNC Banana flavored why powder in OJ. Delicious!

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Whey powder :-p

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How low carb are we talking? Because, when I did Atkins, fruit, yogurt, milk, and even cottage cheese were no-no’s for the most part. If you didn’t eat eggs on Atkins, you’d be going hungry.

I’m confused at why people are continuing to suggest starchy foods. Meats and cheeses are the safest bets.

…makes me glad I gave up on low carb. It certainly worked, but the fact that you can scarf down an entire plate of bacon, but can’t eat an apple, astounds me.

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Smoked salmon wrapped in lettuce, cheese, coffee and tomato juice.

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Bean and cheese soft tacos. Or, ham and cheese tacos. Really any meat you prefer. The tacos should have fewer carbs than bread, just for the fact it is so much thinner than a slice of bread.

Lettuce wrap with ham and mustard.

Corned beef hash. Light on the potato.

Small bowl of high protein cereal and lowfat milk and a few slices of deli meat rolled up.

Falafel and humus, add a couple pieces of pita if you don’t mind the carbs in it or leave that out.

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@livelaughlove21 the fact that you can scarf down an entire plate of bacon, but can’t eat an apple, astounds me

I think that fact is a big part of the popularity of the Atkins diet – people who already ate that way had their bad habits affirmed.

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I always thought Atkins was a horrible idea. I don’t know the actual statistics, but I do know my friends who had cholesterol problems their numbers shot up like crazy, and then there were my friends who never checked any numbers while on the diet so who knows.

Meanwhile, the OP said low carb, not no carb. She seemed to just want some protein ideas.

@Coloma I just noticed the banana whey powder you mentioned, I might look into that. Is it high in cholesterol? Some of the whey protein products are fairly high.

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I’ve been largely doing paleo/primal eating, so I’d suggest some paleo breakfast recipes.

Lately I’ve had:
– freshly juiced vegetables and a hunk of cheese
– butternut squash with organic butter and the tiniest drizzle of maple syrup
– grain-free sweet potato waffles covered with a bit of almond butter
– banana and almond butter
– tossed salad with citrus vinaigrette dressing and bacon or cheese or chicken breast

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Still voting for oatmeal, the miracle food.

Steel-cut oats with some ground flax, sesame and chia seeds, walnut or almonds, and high-quality cinnamon will, in the long run, trump bacon, sausage, hard cheese, and deli meats (sodium nitrates, nitrites and high sodium content).

I dribble a little dark amber maple syrup on the oatmeal.

Slices of apple with peanut, almond or cashew butter.
Celery sticks stuffed with cottage cheese or peanut butter.

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@gailcalled Why do you refer to oatmeal as a miracle food? What do you specifically think is so good about it? Do you see differences in your own body when you eat it?

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@gailcalled I have a blood sugar crash after eating oatmeal. That’s (part of) why I do better on a grain-free diet. I have a high-need for stable blood sugar and eating vegetables and fruits with meats and/or cheese has made a world of difference for me.

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^^^Specific digestive issues always take precedence over generalized advice, of course.

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@gailcalled Thanks for links, they basically say what I believe to be true, that any healthy choice is better than an unhealthy one. I don’t believe oatmeal is magical. Whole grain cereals in general are going to result in lower cholesterol than bacon and eggs, and the largest study for colon cancer showed no relationship to fiber, I was already aware of that study. It never made sense to me that fiber would lower chances of cancer, except that I do believe overall health is better in general to avoid cancer. I eat oatmeal, I think it is a good food, but I also eat Wheatina and vegetables and fruits, I think “whole” foods low in fat and cholesterol are all good.

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Not necessarily recommending this, but I tend to have a protein shake for breakfast. I am usually rushing to get to work and it gets my metabolism going and I can drink it while I get ready for work. You can always whiz it up with a banana or other fruit to give it a. more goodness and make it more like a smoothie. Apart from time, I rarely feel like eating much first thing in the morning. So this works for me and I then eat ‘real’ whole foods the rest of the day.

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@Cupcake: In what way are cheese, maple syrup, butter, and bacon paleo or “primal”? They are all processed foods and products of animal husbandry and/or settled agriculture. I don’t understand what makes something conform to the paleo diet.

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