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How do i become more appealing as a boyfriend than as just a friend?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) June 6th, 2008

i find that i get along with girls as friends better than with guys, but only in a friend way. ~90 % of my friends are girls. ive had about enough with being single, and i need less “just friends”. i meet new people everyday, due to their friends, but i cant seem to hit it off. either they become just friends, or we lose contact.

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you should kick it up a notch. Do little things that make them think you might be interested in something more than friendship. But choose wisely.

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disregard the “wisely” thing. Sorry.

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Try wearing Odeon’s Sex Panther cologne.
Careful though, it’s illegal in nine countries.

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dude, sounds like u need the mystery method. I’ve been studying it for a couple years now and it works wonders. You’ll never find yourself in that “let’s just be friends zone” ever again. This is not a spam respnse! Dude, if u think I’m talking about that pickup artist show, think again. Go either buy this book ” the mystery method: getting beautiful women into bed” or join the online community at
great tool man!

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dont be shy or collective around her. be more open and get close to her and try not to care about her emotions when your being physical… seriously, girls hate it ( when they are older anyways ). i dont know how old you are she is…. but if you already have her hanging out at your house it should be easy. music and some movies always help ++++++++.

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Once you get in the “Friend Zone” there is no way out!

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Send a message to kevbo, there’s a book that he frequently recommends, but I don’t know the name of it.

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make over!

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In my opinion, if you like a girl as more than a friend it helps to touch her hand or hug her. And don’t be afraid to make eye contact. Sometimes girls don’t pick up on clues either (it’s not just a guy thing). For example, I’m a very affectionate person – that’s just how my personality is. I like to touch and be touched and I usually show my emotions through physical contact (not necessarily sex, but touch).
I also try to make the other person laugh and smile a lot. Remember that people like people that make them feel good.

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@simone54 I think it depends on the people. There have been a few times that I was good friends and then became romantically involved at a later point. In nearly all cases there had been a period of time that had passed before we had contact with the other. When we got together, we’d both been through some other things, including relationships, and the former friends had qualities that had in the meanwhile become very attractive to me.

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yeah simone54, there are ways out of the friends zone but they’re very rare. you have to stay away from that friend for a few months and come back after reinventing yourself (in a positive way of course, and not completely different either). reevaluate your game and just re approach as a different guy with higher value (in a sense).

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i think theres a bit of a misunderstanding. i dont want to start a relationship with someone who im already friends with, i just want to know how to be more appealing as a potential boyfriend when i first meet someone, so later on, so i dont get stuck in the frind zone.

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Oh God, did someone actually name Mystery as a good reference?


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@Mtl_zack I don’t think we were suggesting that to you as an option, they were responses to simone54’s response about the unlikelihood that it could happen.

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talking about relationships more in depth
being more touchy feely
what if questions about you and the other person

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I think guys get stuck in the friend zone because they’re too nice and seem needy.

Be confidant and flirty. And don’t get obsessed over finding someone. People who are really looking are less attractive, which sucks but is true. I find it hits you and you meet someone when you finally start to enjoy being single.

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Stop trying so hard.
Also consider hanging with new people. If you only hang out with girls, you’re seen as the gal-pal which is not date material. Either that or you’ll be seen as gay. Neither of those scenarios will get you many dates with the girls you want to date.

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