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Handycam or Photo Camera?

Asked by prasad (3841points) December 2nd, 2012

I am looking into buying a camera that can be used for both photo shooting and video shooting. I was going to consider a photo camera, but then a thought crossed my mind why not handycam?

Would you explain to me (as a layman) what are differences between a still photo shoot camera and a handycam?

I will use it for personal purposes; family photos, my drawings and paintings, and shooting some videos. I like HD better.

Here are two of Sony’s handycams (one and two) that look attractive to me considering the price range. My budget is around 20k to 30k Indian Rupees.

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Using photo shoot camera we can shoot video but we can get it at low quality. As you are preferring to take both photo and video it is better for you to buy handy-cam!!

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Most handycams and camcorders have lousy resolution for snapshots, compared to the typical digital snapshot camera.

Almost any digital snapshot camera has enough resolution to shoot HD video, but the bandwidth to pour that datastream onto the memory card is often missing on a cheaper camera.

Digital snapshot cameras also will tend to have better lenses than most handy-cam. Video cameras do tend to have greater optical zoom numbers but the whole lens itself is likely lower quality than a snapshot lens with same zoom spec.

I think you’ll find the best compromise in the mid-range snapshot cameras.
Look for one that is capable of shooting HD video, and the snapshot capabilities will probably be plenty good.

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Handycam number one in your links can only take still photos at a resolution of 640×360 (or about 0.3 Megapixels if you bought a phone with a camera that poor these days you’d feel screwed) so I would avoid that one.

A high end digital SLR can shoot fantastic video – the film Monsters(2010_film) was shot with entirely with a DSLR (the special effects were added with a laptop in a bedroom and it still manages to be a better film than some of this years Hollywood offerings)

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If you’re willing to go DSLR then it doesn’t need to be high-end to shoot HD video.
For example, the Canon Rebel t4i can take a great video, and takes excellent still shots.

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The high end Sony handycam you show looks pretty good. I have a Sony NEX-5N which handles most of my photo and video needs. It does 16 Megapixel photo and HD video. It cost me $700 USD.

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I’ll suggest take a look at Panasonic LX-4 (I have an old LX-2). It’s native aspect ratio is 16:9 (HD) and it has an outstanding Leica lens. (Panasonic manufactures for Leica, there is an identical Leica model for a few hundred $ more). I think this has one of the best lenses available on a camera you can put in a pocket.

If you want the control and clarity of bigger lenses on a DSLR then I think the Canon Rebel is a great value. Pick a lens appropriate for the kind of videos you will be making.

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Thank you for your responses. I researched a little on the web and asked some of my friends. One friend recommended Nikon P510. It has 42x (which is amazing) and also has HD video recording capability. Another friend told me Nikon 810i. I could not locate it on google.

You may use 1 US $ = 50 Indian Rupees for approximate currency conversions.

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