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What makes you laugh out loud during a movie?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) December 3rd, 2012

I was recently perusing my collection of “comedies” and find they have very little in common. They encompass almost all genres, most don’t have shared actors or directors, they communicate humor quite differently. They deal with very different subjects with varying degrees of realism?
Are there common elements, beyond the ability to evoke laughter, that a movie worthy of the label comedy?
What are they?
What classification system do you use to consign a movie as comedic?

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Clever word play will get me laughing every time. A little physical humor is welcome also.

I am not a fan of vulgar or juvenile humor.

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When the humour reminds me of myself & my own experiences, it’s always a winning formula when comedy has a strain of true life attached, when people think…“Shit, I thought that was just me who did/said that”

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I always laugh at a well timed, unexpected line. I think I laughed harder watch “There’s Something About Mary” and “The Producers” than I have anything else.

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Some of the scenes in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation seemed awfully familiar:

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@cookieman Pop comedies don’t have staying power. But word play and physical humor are so refreshing at times. When Harry met Sally There are a few pop comedies that can make this work Sean of the Dead, Lol
@ucme It is so refreshing to be able to be drawn in and at laugh at yourself vicarously at some point. Though tragedies and humor are a fine line pushing the envelope can be fun though. American Psycho and Dr Strangelove
@filmfann Glad someone else likes the Producer and There’s something about Mary. Here comes Polly isn’t so bad either.
@RocketGuy Will have to check it out.

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I always seem to burst out laughing at horrible jokes and really bad effects..also when my sister is making commentary..

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Good, clever wordplay is a must. I’m also quite fond of good visual humor/slapstick. Which is why I loved Wreck-it Ralph.

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I laugh at things I don’t expect to happen (assuming we’re talking about movies that are supposed to be funny). Facial expressions may do it. Animal actions and reactions. Little kids. Clever dialogue.

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@Joker94: Now I want to see Wreck it Ralph.

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Never actually heard of Wreck it Ralph myself.

So far we have: word play, realism or believable characters we can relate to, physical humor which is akin to slap stick is it not? timing the unexpected is that all?

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@cookieman @rosehips I’m not gonna lie, I really enjoyed it. I expected to be good, but no better than any other of Disney’s recent endeavors. I was pleasantly surprised, it was one of their best in ages, in my opinion.

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