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Just for fun: what's your favourite movie?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16362points) December 3rd, 2012

Has to be in your top 10. Thankyou very much.

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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Shawshank Redemption, the Lord of the Rings series, Gladiator, Let the Right One In, Bloodsucking Freaks, the Zatoichi series, Star Trek: First Contact, and far, far too many others to even attempt listing.

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“recent movies”: Hackers, The Life Aquatic, L’AFrance, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

“old movies”: The 39 Steps, Rear Window, M, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Charade

I wouldn’t know how to narrow it down further O_o

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Drama: The Godfather
Comedy/Romance: Moonstruck
Suspense: The Usual Suspects

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In no particular order:
Shawshank Redemption
When Harry Met Sally
Runaway Train

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Fight Club.

I think it is the only book to movie adaptation I have ever seen that was loyal to the book.

I find the narration to be poetic and interesting, it has good philosophy about hitting bottom, anti materialism and anarchy, and in general is just a very well done and entertaining movie.

Every actor in the movie delivers a great performance, it has good special effects to compliment the sotry, a great cosy and lingering atmosphere, and in general it is just a movie that can’t be faulted. All in all 10–10

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I’m going to have to pull the “way too many to mention card” here, shit loads of fine movies in my tick box.
I will toss one obscure lil fave from way back though, this is one mighty fine film.

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Some of my all time favorites- Best in Show, Young Frankenstein, True Romance, Fargo, Office Space, Tropic Thunder, Inglourious Basterds, Full Metal Jacket, Heathers.

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@poisonedantidote faithful to the book? They changed the whole ending!

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Citizen Kane
City Lights
The Best Years Of Our Lives
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Blade Runner
Apocalypse Now
Fight Club
2001: A Space Odyssey
Pulp Fiction
Lawrence Of Arabia
Safety Last

wait, how many were we supposed to list?

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I don’t know that I could identify a “favorite”. Movies that I re-watch when I can:

The Usual Suspects
Grosse Point Blank
Young Frankenstein
The Abyss
10 Things I Hate About You
Office Space
Lady Hawk

(I hated Fight Club. I haven’t read the book, but the movie annoyed me.)

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Too many to mention.

There was a UHF TV station in San Jose back in the late 60s/early 70s that used to play pre-war movies every night. Some of my favorites:

The Big Broadcast of 1937
The Bank Dick
Tillie and Gus
The Road to Morocco
Gabriel Over the White House

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For amusement value: Fight Club
For mindfuck value: Memento
For makeout value: The Notebook
For napping value: The King’s Speech

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Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru
It’s fantastic. You should check it out.

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Blade Runner
A Serious Man
Pulp Fiction
Howl’s Moving Castle
Lord of the Rings.

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Well if I had to list ten, here’s ten; Dawn of the Dead (original) Halloween II, (original) Trainspotting, Sleepy Hollow, Night of the Living Dead, (original) The Devil’s Rejects, Conan the Barbarian, (the first one) Wrong Turn, Bram Stoker’s Dracula Love Never Dies, and a new favorite, Brave.

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@zenvelo Did the commercials have the price slasher? Channel 8 out of Salinas Monterey. Wonderful classic films. I learned so much watching movies till dawn…

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“Liberty Heights,” by Barry Levinson.

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@filmfann I watched “the Perfect 36” with the Carol Doda promos!

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@zenvelo that was great, too! Ah, for the days of late night TV without Perfect Abs, Girls Gone Wild, and Lose Weight Fast! shows.

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I’m not sure. One that comes to mind is Contact, based on Carl Sagan’s book of the same name.

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How to Train Your Dragon.

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These are in no particular order, they’re just coming to me through my stream of consciousness:

The Sound of Music
Sense and Sensibility
The Nightmare Before Christmas
A Christmas Carol (the one with Patrick Stewart)
Star Wars episode IV
The Wizard of Oz
Love Actually
Something’s Gotta Give
Head (The Monkees’ movie)
A Hard Day’s Night (The Beatles’ movie)
Heidi (the one with Shirley Temple)
A Little Princess (the one with Shirley Temple)
The Jungle Book
Peter Pan
All 3 Toy Stories (but especially #3)
Monsters Inc.
Despicable Me
Mary Poppins
Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation
Blades of Glory
Young Frankenstein
Willy Wonka (the one with Gene Wilder)
Dark Shadows
Milo and Otis
When Harry Met Sally
Yellow Submarine
What’s Up Doc?
Island of the Blue Dolphins
The Homecoming (the movie that started off The Walton’s TV series)
Little House on the Prairie (the movie that started off the TV series)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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@Kardamom Milo and Otis brings back some good memories. My oldest son was little when that came out and we watched it several times together. This also made me think of Babe. Watch a sweet film. I love animal movies. :)

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I can’t pick just one top favorite, so I’ll cheat a bit and do the top ten (as @Symbeline has done).

In no particular order:

“Sleeping Beauty” (1959 Disney version)
“Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”
“Lone Star”
“The Lion In Winter” (1968 version)
“Little Big Man”
“Raiders of the Lost Ark”
“Lonesome Dove” (I know, it’s a TV movie, but it’s still a movie, nevertheless)
“Grease” (my guilty pleasure!)

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@AngryWhiteMale : Wait, they remade The Lion in Winter?? Who’s in it? What planet am I living on?

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@bookish1 Believe it or not it has Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close. Although I love me some Patrick Stewart, the original was superior.

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@bookish1, what @Kardamom said. Glenn Close as Eleanor. Sorry, but for me it’s Katharine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole (who was robbed of an Oscar; Cliff Robertson was a fine actor, but it should’ve gone to O’Toole).

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I love Peter O’Toole, and he was robbed when he did Lawrence of Arabia (Gregory Peck won for To Kill A Mockingbird), but Cliff Robertson deserved it.

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Peter O’Toole nominated eight times for an oscar & not a single win, fucking disgrace.

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@filmfann : I love old film, I was raised by cinephiles, and yet I never understood why To Kill a Mockingbird was so popular…

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^^ Me too, same with Casablanca and It’s a Wonderful Life.

But then again, I loved Dark Shadows

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About to geek out and watch Lord of the Rings.

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@bookish1 I am with you on TKAM. Overrated.
@Kardamom Casablanca and It’s a Wonderful Life are two of my favorites, and deserve their reputations.

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@filmfann I just found both of them to be quite boring. However, I will say this about IAWL, that scene where James Stewart and Donna Reed are both listening in on the telephone at the same time is one of the hottest love scenes of all time.

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