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Is December a time for you to enjoy the arts more than other times of the year?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) December 3rd, 2012

Friday we went out dancing and making music. Saturday, we saw a movie with the kids. Last night I went to a dance performance with my daughter and tonight we are going to a poetry reading.

Is wintertime the time for the arts, since the days are short and the land is frozen and we don’t have so many chores to do? Is it the time for arts because there is little light and we need to stave off depression and keep our spirits up?

More to the point, do you find yourself doing more social and artistic things in winter than the rest of the year? If so, what have you been doing, lately?

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There are more parties, but I don’t increase or decrease my arts attendance in December. Opera and Symphony are mostly in the fall, rock concerts are mostly late spring through the summer to early fall. Plays are year round.

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I always have chores to do.

I can’t say that my appreciation for the arts, or my attendance of them is any greater in December than any other month. :/

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Well, Peter Jackson seems to like December for releasing his films. And I did happen to catch Phantom of the Opera on PBS last night (Awesome. Seriously. Except for the new Christine; she just couldn’t hit Sarah Brightman’s highs.). And this is the month that Trans-Siberian Orchestra tours.

I’d say December offers more opportunity for me to enjoy the arts.

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Yes. As the weather gets colder, I flock more to museums, symphony, Blue Man, concerts, etc.
I have done 3 of those in the past 2 weeks. More to come too.

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Not especially. I mean I guess I have the winter break but I do school-related stuff during it, which is sad.

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Yes I like to do more artsy things this time of year. I am hoping to get to see the Nutcracker this year. Its been a couple of years since I’ve gone and absolutely love it! @blueiiznh I haven’t ever gone to Blue Man group. I take it, it is a good concert? This Saturday, I will take my boys to sing Christmas carols and help them learn more about the meaning of Christmas through singing to nursing homes, etc.

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